Saturday, February 13, 2010

Feminine Hairstyles, Day 7

Model: Miss Rachel

Style: "The Rachel Braid" :)

Done: Last July at Ave Cor Mariae Summer Camp

Time: 3o minutes (?)

Supplies: Comb, hairties, bobby pins

How: Rachel's hair is only a bit past her shoulders, but is thick and textured. It was also wavy from being previously braided, so that added even more volume! As is often the case when I "invent" a braid, this one is the combination of a few different things. :)

1. You will first need to know the "X & O braid", as explained here.

2. You will also need to experience doing an upside-down single french braid. This is the same concept as a regular french braid, only started at the neck going upward. It's explained here.

3. The first part of The Rachel Braid is a combination of the above two: an X braid down up-side down, but leaving some of the upper hair free.

4. After doing the X braid, I parted her upper hair down the center and made a small rolled bun on either side, placed so that the ending braids from the X could come up around the outside of each, and the braid ends tucked into the center.

I'm not sharing this one to intimidate anyone, just to provide an example of the kind of thing you can come up by creatively combining what you know. :)


Top view

Back (see the X?)

Side (the hair above the slight part is what I used to make the rolled bun)

She was pleased, I think!


Ardhoniel said...

Wow! that hairstlye really flatters her. Much nicer then the "Boaz" look don't you think?

Anonymous said...

haahaa!!! good one

Victoria Rose said...

*gasps* It's Rachel Boaz!! :P That is very cute on her. Funny, but I don't remember her having that hair style. *shrugs* Very pretty. :)