Monday, February 22, 2010

Prayer for Priests

I've seen trial and difficulty come lately to too many priests I know. We can always use a reminder to pray for our priests!

Jesus, Good Shepherd, Great High Priest, today I lift to You in prayer all of our priests. You left us Yourself in the person of the priest. Mold them into what You want them to be. Let them be You to each person they meet. May they fill all the needs of those who turn to them today. Send someone to lift their spirit and to be Jesus to them when others knock them down, to encourage them when their hope is gone. Give them all the strength and courage they need to persevere in holiness when under trial or just worn out from saving souls. Please bless us with many more holy priests. Teach us to love and appreciate all of our priests and to see You in them.

I consecrate all priests to the Immaculate Hands and Heart of Mary, Our Mother of Divine Love Patroness of Priests. I thank You for their priesthood. Keep them close to You. Please enfold and protect them in Your Mantle of Divine Love. My Lord Jesus I trust in You! Amen.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Claire, Thanks for posting this prayer! This is really neat that you happened to post it this week as I, too, have been especially praying for priests this week as our parish priest is sick. Lots of Love, your friend