Sunday, October 24, 2010

Divine Love

I wrote this as a comment on a friend's blog and thought I would share it here, too.


What does God’s love look like?

His love is manifest not only to our sight, but each of our senses given to us for the purpose of experiencing and taking in His goodness!

To me, the Divine Romancer expresses His love daily, vividly, enchantingly... in the passionate colors of a sunset... the engulfing power of the ocean... the caressing petal of a rose... the precious face of a baby... the piercing beauty of a line of quality music. Lovers often say, "I'd hang the moon in the sky for you if I could..." well, He can and DOES! :)

How do you know God loves you?

Countless, numerous ways, both big and small. I know that He called me into being from all eternity with a unique, individualized mission for my life. Every skill and talent I possess is a free gift from Him. And the God of the universe loves His people so deeply as to make Himself a prisoner of love in every tabernacle in the world, just to be physically present to us!

To look at the crucifix is the ultimate picture of love (I know a couple that chose to hold a crucifix during their wedding vows for this very reason!). And I am always moved by the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. When He appeared to St. Margaret Mary and she saw His heart aflame and pierced and bleeding, His words were: "Behold the Heart that so much loves man!"

When do you most feel His love?

When I receive Him sacramentally, when I spend time in His presence, gazing at the monstrance holding His body, and when I allow myself to marvel in childlike awe at the majesty of his creation. I know His love and see His smile when I look at the family and friends I've been blessed with, and when He answers very specific prayers! For example, yesterday we had a surprise outdoor 50th birthday party for my Mom. Thunderstorms were predicted, but I knew and trusted all along the the Lord (and His Blessed Mother, whom I often ask for help with details like this) would defy the forecast for us. We prayed with confidence, and the morning's rain gave way to pleasant sunshine in perfect timing for our celebration, which was blessed in every way! As the weather is something that is completely out of our human control, I'm very moved whenever the Lord grants a miracle like that!

I believe that the struggle is not in God lacking expression of His love, but in our failure to recognize it. As the convert, philosopher, and author G.K. Chesterton so wonderfully said...

"The world is not starved for lack of wonders, but for lack of wonder."

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Thursday, October 07, 2010

My Favorite Morning Offering

Eternal Father,
I offer You everything I do this day:
my work, my prayers, my apostolic efforts;
my time with family and friends;
my hours of relaxation;
my difficultities, problems, distress,
which I shall try to bear with patience.

Join these, my gifts,
to the unique offering which Jesus Christ, Your Son,
renews today in the Eucharist.

Grant, I pray,
that, vivified by the Holy Spirit
and united to the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
and the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
my life this day may be of service to You and Your children
and help consecrate the world to You.