Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Showing Off My Students

This morning during music lessons, I had two families here and placed these four precious young ladies (two sets of sisters) filling every octave of the piano to play Twinkle...something my sisters, friends and I used to have such fun doing when we were small! This is Twinkle Variation B, which you will recognize if you know Suzuki music literature. :)

This was my first-ever YouTube video uploaded...and I learned that it was not near as simple or quick as I expected it would be! Oh, well, I hope you enjoy. :)


Mary said...

cool! I didn't know you got a You-Tube channel! Very cute by the way. Don't you just love New Media (aka the internet)?


Claire said...


Thanks. It (the channel) is brand new...yes, new media is fundamentally good, but I wish I was more adept at the whole movie-making-posting thing! :)