Saturday, April 29, 2006

Random Thoughts from Today...

It is simply enchanting to take a long walk - even on an overcast grey morning! - when the spring flowering trees are in full bloom. Whoever said jewels don't grow on trees needs to rethink their statement.

Daddy may be a better kitchen-cleaner than a chef, but he can make a mean egg-and-cheese sandwich (a.k.a. "Power Sandwich" around here). Perhaps it's the 16 years or so of practice?

Why is it that, when my sister came out of the shower tonight wrapped in a towel with her hair in a half-ponytail, all she needed was the flip-flops to look like she's all in fashion for going to prom?

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Spiritual Power Station

This past Saturday night was the third meeting of a Catholic Youth Group started by some friends of mine. Now this is not just any youth group. This group was founded by youth, for youth "to pray for our vocational discernment, to assist us in becoming better Catholics, and to have fun while doing so" (from Mission Statement). Each of our monthly meetings includes the Rosary (led by youth!), Devotions, a special spiritual/uplifiting activity, and a wholesome social activity.

Kneeling in prayer amidst this army of youth on Saturday was like being in a Spiritual Power Station. Grace just hung on the air. And I was struck with the realization of how truly amazing this is. We are our future Church, our future world. Wait, I'll change that. As our wonderful auxiliary Bishop Kaffer of Joliet would say, "YOU, youth, are not just the future of the Church and the are the present AND the future of the Church and the world!"


Where do you find a Spiritual Power Station?

Body Language

In regards to my post on Charlotte Church, Liz posted the following comment.

Just because the outward, physical appearance of a person has changed, is no indication that their inner heart - their soul, if you like - has changed at all, still less that it has been damaged or is any the less pure.

Since thoughts similar to Liz's may be on other minds, I thought I would re-post my reply here:

Dear Liz,

On the contrary, because our bodies and souls are not two seperate indentities but intimately connected, forming our whole person, we cannot separate one from the other. We have been created physical, tangible beings, both body and soul united - and thus a change in one often reflects a change in the other.

Think of someone who is discouraged or depressed. Such a person's struggles typically show in their appearance, whether neglected, weary, or careless. The very fact of how we are made means that outward appearance is a constant self-description. A person's self-esteem, confidence, dignity, attitude, emotions...and yes, even their inner heart, can be -- and almost always is -- reflected in their physical appearance. As the great St. Francis of Assisi once said: "Preach always; when necessary use words." Every moment, whether we know it or not, we are saying something about who we are and what we believe...just by how we present ourselves. Body language is indeed powerful!

Thanks for reading my blog.

Yours in Christ,

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Shopping Adventure

Last week I was out shopping -- an activity I'm not often doing, even though I'm always on the lookout for beautiful, feminine, veiling apparel. On this particular excursion, amidst the rows of purses, belts, sashes, handbags, and accessories, my eye fell upon what I shall call...ahem... a "U.F.O." Unidentified Funky Object. I first thought of naming it "Unidentified Feminine Object", but that was out since it was anything but truly feminine. Oh, it was glittery enough, covered in some type of sequins, but the question was "what is it?!". This "thing" could have been a skirt (heaven help us), a top (heaven help us more!)...or was it some kind of bag? And no assistance from the tag, either. You know how those little dangly things are supposed to helpfully tell you what you're looking at? Nope. Not here. Just a price: $12.79, or whatever it was. So apparently the identity of this UFO will remain a mystery.

But that was all right... I went and found a nice, crocheted, beaded, feminine, and very identifiable sash for several dollars less. And I have to say, no girl would be the worse if none of those UFOs left the rack.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


He is Risen, let us sing!
Let us worship Christ our King!
Hearts and voices raised as one
Glorifying Christ the Son

Death is conquered, darkness gone
Joy and gladness is our song
All the souls in heav'n and on earth
Join this day in worldwide mirth

Now He Lives, and so do we!
Reverently we bow our knee
Close our eyes and fall before
Our Risen Christ and blessed Lord.

by Claire J.M. Halbur
Easter 2006

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

As We Enter the Triduum

Purify our hearts, O Lord, that we may be made worthy to walk the Way of the Cross with You...and so to also rise with you in Glory.


Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I love beautiful music, and I love to sing. And ever since a friend introduced me to "Voice of an Angel" when I was about 10 years old, I have been inspired by the beautiful voice of Welsh Soprano Charlotte Church. Not only did she have exceptional talent, she sang beautiful, traditional folk-songs and many sacred hymns. Charlotte became a kind of role model for me...I would sing along with her CDs and "take voice lessons from her", to borrow a phrase from my dad.

With each new album that she released, I noticed a progression in Charlotte's image. The world calls it "growing up". In reality, it was the gradual stripping away of the charm of innocence. My heart grieved for this beautiful young girl who was slowly letting herself be puppetiered by the world. Yet I was somewhat consoled by the fact that she continued to sing (for the most part) uplifting, beautiful music, much of it still spiritual. I remember reading somewhere that "Charlotte doesn't want to be a Britney", and thinking, relieved, "thank goodness!".

However, I wonder if Charlotte would still claim that. Because just the other day, I inadvertently learned of her newest CD (of which I had been unaware, though apparently released several months ago). It appears that all has been changed. Her musical style, her focus, her photos...all have been switched to the trendy "pop-rock" style so prevalent amidst celebrities of today.

And I grieve over innocence lost. Charlotte's newest album won't be in my CD player, but she will be in my deepest prayers. May the "voice of angel" find its way back home...and someday sing once again, with tongue and heart, the praises of her Creator.

Monday, April 10, 2006

"Giver of Light"

This is the meaning of my name. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I hope to fulfill it in a new way through this blog. May God use my pen (rather, keyboard!) in any way He sees fit to bring about His Greater Glory and the salvation of many souls...