Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feminine Hairstyles, Day 5

Models: Elyse and Sarah

Style: The no-iron curled updo

Supplies: Comb, plenty of bobby pins, hairspray, accessories or flowers if desired

Time: Between 15-45 minutes, depending on thickness and type of hair

How: I just started doing this one in the past few months after seeing the basic concept. It's been well-received every time, and would be ideal for any formal event or a wedding! Here are the fundamental steps:

1. Do something — either small twists or braids or a "poof" using bobby pins — with the upper hair so that is frames the face and is drawn securely to the middle of the head with criss-cross bobby pins. On both the models below I did a side part and two small french ropes using the same braiding technique used here.

2. The updo is achieved by taking a small to medium strand of hair (the thinner the hair, the smaller the section), combing it through and coating it with hairspray, then using two of your fingers as a "roller" to roll it toward the head. Do this as neatly as possible, making the roll somewhat wide and thin. When you have rolled all the way to the scalp, carefully remove your fingers from inside, smooth the "curl" and position it whichever direction you would like, and fasten it in place with a bobby pin or two in each side (underneath the roll so that you can't see it).

3. The key is thickness and placement of the "curls". You don't want them all going the same direction, but there should be some order to it. Depending on the length, texture, and thickness of the hair, you will make probably 10-30 rolls for the entire updo.

4. When finished, hairspray your masterpiece and add any desire accessories, flowers, or hair sparkle dust. :) For our December orchestra concert, I did this on three of us, and we added red roses for a beautiful effect. Alas, somehow there aren't any pictures of those...

I have done this one on myself with the aid of a mirror, and then had my sister secure a few out-of-place strands when finished. This style can be done nicely on shoulder-length to waist-length hair, whether layered or not.


Elyse from choir — her hair is fairly thick,
about 6" below her shoulders, and has a lot of layers

Different lighting and angle

The sparkly flower clips made by Veronica and I
ended up being featured a lot in this series —
I suppose because they are so versatile!

My sister Sarah at this year's Father-Daughter Snow Ball

Accented with peach-tone roses and babies breath


Rose Marchen said...


Mary said...

actually...Miss V took a picture of me with my hairdo at orchestra (only it was from the front) If you ever find that picture, could you email it to me? (via any electronic means...I just want to see what I looked like!)


Cecilia Rose said...

Okay, I changed my mind...THIS one is my favorite so far! Is it possible to do it on oneself, or would it be easier for someone else to do it?


Claire said...

MK: I will ask V to check for a photo. (I wish we'd taken some of you, Maggie, and I since we all had this updo...)

Malori: Glad you like it. :) Yes, it's possible to do it on yourself (at least, I have), but it helps to check in a double mirror as you go, and maybe have a mom or sister tuck in any "stray" strands when you are done. Let me know how it goes!

Aud, Audy Bee, Rosie, Audball....(etc.) said...

WOW!!!!!!! So beautiful!!!!!!!! I love it with the Roses in it!