Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Feminine Hairstyles, Day 3

Model: "Miss Eve" (Miss Nacia's sister!)

Style: Two-into-one french rope

Done: About a month ago

How: For this style, part the hair down the middle and clip one half of it while you do the other. The french rope is done using two sections of hair (not three until the end). Do the right side first following these steps:

1. Take two small sections of hair from the top. Twist the outer piece clockwise before crossing it to the left over the other section.

2. Add a small section of hair to both pieces and repeat the above action. It is important to twist the outer section clockwise (or to the right) every time you cross it to the left. This is what makes the twist pattern show up.

3. Continue until nearly half the hair is included. Leave a small section — about half the thickness of what you just braided — undone at the bottom. Add a few extra twists to the rope for security and place one or two claw clips to hold it while you do the other side.

5. The left side is done exactly as a mirror of the right. You cross the outer section over the inner, but this time you will be twisting it counterclockwise, or to the left, before crossing it to the right.

6. Leave a section of hair at the bottom, the same thickness as the other, and join these two together. For the hanging down rope braid, three sections are needed, and this has just become your third section.

7. The joining together of the three parts into one rope braid must be done carefully so as not to loosen your french ropes. This transition is the most difficult part and comes with practice to perfect the method that works best for you.

8. The three-strand rope is achieved by holding the pieces firmly in your fingers throughout this action: twist the far left piece counterclockwise (to the left), then cross it over both the other pieces. The entire braid rotates a bit. This action is repeated constantly from left to right, always taking the (new) lefthand piece, twisting it counterclockwise, and crossing it over the other two.

9. It would be a good idea for you to practice the three-strand rope (step 8) by itself before trying this style. Initially try it with your hair in a ponytail, which is easier, then progress to starting it without a ponytail. Once you have perfected these, you will be ready to try the two-into-one french rope. :)

10. For this braid, I left the very bottom looped up into the scrunchie (optional).

Supplies: Comb, hairtie or scrunchie, and maybe a few tiny clips or bobby pins to secure loose strands after you are done. *If the hair is fine or slippery, you will need to wet it down with a spray bottle before trying this style.*

Time: About 15-20 minutes (but allow more if you are just trying it out)


Side close-up

View II

Such a sweetheart!

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Frédérique said...

That's sooo pretty! :) I wish I knew how to do different hairstyles! (I just love the dress that this little girl is wearing...)