Saturday, February 27, 2010

Next Weekend in Wisconsin...

...I am thrilled to be speaking at the "Embracing Your Call to Holiness" Women's Conference in Altoona, WI on Saturday, March 6th. If you or a lady you know lives somewhere in that area, please take this as a personal invitation! :)

The online PDF brochure can be downloaded here. You can still register by calling

I will be presenting two talks...

Clothed with Grace: Feminine Modesty and the Call to Beauty
Society depends on our authenticity as women, and more than ever has need of our gifts and dignity. This feminine dignity is empowered by purity and protected by the virtue of modesty. What does the Church say about feminine dignity, and what does it teach about modesty? What is feminine mystique? What role does beauty play in the healing of society? While exploring the answers to these and other important questions, we will learn from the inspiring examples of Our Lady and heroic feminine saints to understand the noble call of womanhood.

Raising Marylike Maidens amidst a Culture of Death
In a culture that eschews virtue and encourages vice, powerful influences infiltrate from every direction to affect the formation of our young generation. The challenge is to train our children to be in the world, but not of it. How can we raise young women confident in their identity as daughters of God and filled with holy boldness to resist the darkness? Sharing from her homeschool upbringing and experiences as a teacher and Catechetical leader, Claire will offer wisdom relevant not only to mothers, but to all Catholic women.

Regardless of your proximity to La Crosse, WI, please keep me in your prayers this week as I prepare my presentations, and work to update and replenish my print resources. I also really need to update my website... Holy Spirit, grant me efficiency!


Young Mom said...

Wow, that looks awesome Claire! I'm sure you will do an amazing job, I'll say a prayer for you.

bn said...

I came across your blog today while searching for modesty and femininity information. Wow, forgive me if I embarrass you, but you're a pretty awesome young lady!!! We need more young ladies like you as role models for our daughters. I pray your talk went well and from reading over some of your posts I feel confident it did. May God continue to bless you abundantly.

Pax tecum.

Claire said...

Thanks so much, dear friend! There will hopefully be CDs available, so I'll post info on that after the conference. :)