Sunday, February 28, 2010

I need your help!

I'm right now working hard to complete a newly updated version of my booklet formerly called The Young Woman's Modesty Resource Guide (it will have a new name!). I'm revamping the layout for a crisp, sleeker presentation, and also doing a bit of expansion. That's where you come in.

Ladies: Do you have a favorite modesty website to share — either a source for purchasing apparel, or for going deeper into this subject? Are you willing to write a brief personal testimony about your modesty journey, why this virtue is important to you, or an experience or change of heart that you've had?

Gentlemen: Why is modesty important to you as a Christian man? Does it help you respect and reverence women? How does a modest gal help you in the quest for purity? How do you appreciate the girls and women in your life who seek to model modesty?

I'm calling on everyone: If you are a blog "lurker" who visits here and never speaks up, please do now. Your quotes will help me add valuable insight to this new print booklet, and/or to expansions on my website (which is another project on the burner). Now's your chance to speak out on this relevant topic! Only first names and ages will be published. You don't have to write a ton — anything from one sentence to a few paragraphs is perfect.

You can email your responses to me at lily maiden @ sbc global . net (remove all spaces). The only thing is that I need you to act fast. :) This edition of the booklet will be going to the printer within the next 2-3 days. So if you can send me something before then, that will be terrific. If you need more time, just send it as soon as you can, because it can still be helpful for future printings and/or the website. Please remember to include your age.

Quotes from Christian/Catholic men are always especially powerful. Women want to know what real men really think about this subject. After all, you are the ones whom modesty/immodesty affects the most (besides ourselves). So guys, speak up! And ladies, ask your husband, father, or brother to lend input and send me a quote from him, too.

Hope to hear from you soon!

This will also help me know how many visitors I have... I tried subscribing to a site meter recently, and it's telling me that I have received 0 hits. I think/hope there's at least a couple more than that!


Anonymous said...

I qualify as a Christian man, somewhere above the calssification of "young".
Modesty is particularly important so that a lady can maintain her own personal dignity. That is first. From a man’s point of view, feminine modesty assists him in maintaining custody of his senses, which is of course central in the development of virtue. So it is somewhat similar to the general duty of Christians – i.e. to seek to attain heaven, and to work to assist as many others as possible in reaching the same goal. Likewise, a lady should be modest for her own benefit, as well as the benefit of others.

I particularly appreciate a lady who knows that modesty means more than dress. As a virtue, it is something that encompasses the whole person, rather than just something that covers outer shell. A woman who dresses in a “modest” dress, that covers her from neck to toe, should she adorn herself in other manners, can still provoke the allurement of a man. True modesty on the other hand is akin to humility, simplicity and reserve. It seeks not honor or reverence, but is an example of these; it seeks not the spotlight, but is a mirror of the true light, shining from the depths of a virtuous soul.

Claire said...


Thank you very much for your thoughts! Would you be able to provide a first name and/or age for me to attribute it to?

Young Mom said...

Here is a Website I enjoy. I think my biggest breakthrough on modesty was realizing that ladies should be modest out of respect or themselves. I used to think it was to "protect" christian men, but now I understand it more as honoring your body and your chastisty, married or not. If you wouldn't feel comfortable letting someone touch it, then should you really be showing it at all?
You know my real name. ;) and my age is 24.

Anonymous said...

I like totallymodest and rose's modesty website and the rebelutions survey...about the testimony thing...I don't have that much time right now but I'm not good with writing things anyway. :P if you really want one I suppose I can think on it and get back to you. :-/ you should post this on the FTN forum! or I will if you don't have time. :)I'll go and do that. ;D :D

see you in march!

:-* Bethie

Anonymous said... is a really good website. You can get a lot from it.

Mary Rose said...

A Facebook friend recently posted this quote on his status/news feed. Although not directly addressing the topic of modesty, it speaks of the profound societal importance of virtue in a woman. Christian modesty, in both dress and comportment, is a necessary component in the acquisition of further virtue.

“To a great extent, the level of a civilization is the level of its womanhood. When a man loves a woman, he has to become worthy of her. The higher her character, the greater her virtue, the more devoted she is to truth, the more he has to aspire to…” – Fulton Sheen (hat tip: Ed Vizenor)

Victoria Rose said...


I've gotten some great skirts from the websites Style J and Hannah Lise. If you want my testimony you can get it off of Rose's Modesty Mall website.

Love ya,

Master Paul Xavier said...

Modesty is quite the tricky virtue. As it can be practiced in both dress and in character of the individual. I rather appreciate those who adapt a modest character more, as it gives more disposition as to why they strive to be modest. Personally, simplicity and elegance are beautiful to me, as I have a respect and admiration for those who actually respect the attempts of men to remain chaste and pure, especially in today's world. Rather than stating the obvious about how a modest girl and make my own attempts at purity easier, I will state that her modesty makes me respect her more. I see her more as a person and less as the classy poster girl that you see generally everywhere you go. This is more edifying and worthy than having girls simply be the atypical show off, that doesn't do so with bad intention, but still tends to objectify her own body in the eyes of other men.

Claire said...

Thank you, everyone; this is great stuff!

Mary Rose, I particularly love that quote. Thank you!

Michael Tenney (Age 18) said...

What hast thou gained by showing the world all thou possesseth? For only the brigands and the knaves thou shalt find knocking at thy door. What gifts dost thou have to offer if they have all been taken away? Never will thou find a wise man in the square boasting about his intelligence, also will thou never findeth a truly beautiful woman that is a braggart. When a man of integrity calleth upon a maiden for marriage, he looketh for a sign of purity so he hast not fear loss. When thou dost clad thyself immodestly, only a rogue will attempt to swoon thee. For the Godly man will turn his eye away in search of one more modest. Take heed women and show thine selves as sisters of Christ, and cast away the vanity that the wise man findest repugnant. And thou wilt with the help of Our Lord Jesus Christ, find the perfect bridesgroom.

Anonymous said...

You can attribute my two paragraphs on modesty to: A.J.

Anonymous said...

Wow. What terrific wisdom from you and your contributors!

For those of us who were raised without Christ and found Him (thank God!) on life's bumpy road, modesty was never even a consideration. It is only recently that I've discovered the importance of modesty in just about everything I do. I wanted you to know you and your family had a huge part in this revelation.

The Lord works in mysterious ways! Thank you!

~ Grateful

Geez Louise said...

Hi Claire,

I just wanted to let you know I'm another person who enjoys following your blog.

My ideas on modesty differ, so I won't offer them here, but I respect and understand where you are coming from, and enjoy reading your views on everything. :)

Happy belated birthday!

Anonymous said...

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