Saturday, March 31, 2007

Homeschool Blog Awards

This is a neat thing going here! I think these kind of "blog awards" can serve as a great reminder for us to strive for Christlike excellence. There certainly are some gems on the nomination list, and many wonderful catergories! Check it out here.

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Well, I am usually not a rap person at all, but a friend emailed this link today and this is quite a powerful pro-life movie...a good example of how to "take back" the media for the cause of truth!

Click here to watch "Happy Birthday"...

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Friday, March 30, 2007

Meditation on Psalm 96:9

I just saw this on the new blog Heroic Simplicity and found it too good not to share!

"Worship the Lord in Holy Attire"

Are you clad to greet the King
In holy modest and neat attire?
Are you dressed that you may sing
Along with the angelic choir,
Or are your clothes a desecration
Meant for picnic or for beach
Or other forms of recreation?

Your clothing is stark evidence
Of what is in your heart and mind.
Does it reflect your reverence,
Present you as a soul refined
Radiant, joyful and duly graced,
A soul prepared to meet its God
From whom all stain has been erased?

Then come, dear soul, with us rejoice
In this house, this holy place,
Praising God with heart and voice
In raiment radiant with His grace
And greet with us the King of Kings,
Our Lord, Our Savior, the Holy One
From Whom all hope forever springs!
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The Great Doctor Says It All

Today's quote..."Love takes up where knowledge leaves off."
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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Return to the Heart

The past days have been full of contemplation. And one day this week, a specific thought came to me when contemplating our need, as members of the Body of Christ, for "Spiritual Power Stations".

We can be likened to the bloodstream, or "lifestream" of the human body: we have a job, a purpose, a calling to be bearers of life and nourishment, to attend to the needs of the rest of the Body. And yet, if we go on our merry way and fail to return to the heart, we will soon be useless.

Yes, we are called to "scatter", if you will... to be as salt and light, reaching far and wide to proclaim the Gospel. We are called to carry life to the entire body. But this precisely why we need "Spiritual Power Stations". Adoration. Community. Retreats. We need to draw from the Source: both from Christ Himself, and from the powerhouse of union with fellow believers.

We need times to reconnect. To rejuvenate. To be refortified to again go out and remain faithful to our calling as salt, as light, as bearers of life. We need spiritual "reoxidization", or else our flavor may go flat, the light we're striving to carry become dim, the nourishment we're seeking to offer grow scarce. Because we are called to give -- but we have to receive from the Source before we can give anything.

We need to return to the heart.

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Nebraska/Iowa Trip in Photos, Part 4

Ascending the podium at the Omaha Tea

Our Lady gracing the resource table in Omaha

Modesty Recourse Guides, CDs, Tracts, and Coloring Books...among rose petals :)

Me with Fr. Cook, the wonderful supportive pastor of St. Peter's in Omaha

Some of the terrific young men servers at the Omaha Tea

Our fourth-cousin Jacob, pouring tea for the ladies

Augustine with his beautiful mama

Me with the lovely ladies who planned and organized the Omaha Tea -

God bless them!

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Nebraska/Iowa Trip in Photos, Part 3

A charming table beautifully set for the Omaha Tea

A few of the Omaha guests...including some "pink sisters"!

Veronica enjoying little Augustine

Madelin, making a pretty picture!

"Enjoying your tea, miss?"

Getting a great big hug from a sweet young lady

Claire and Augustine (isn't he a doll?)

Reach for the light!
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Nebraska/Iowa Trip in Photos, Part 2

Interview with Omaha's Spirit Catholic Radio (Wed.)

What a joy it was to be a part of this truly Catholic media outreach. I just loved how they had a chapel attached to their studio, with a plaque reading "Jesus Christ: C.E.O." outside the door!

Some of the magnificent artwork which graced the walls and rooms of the studio

A beautiful wall-hanging in one of the guestrooms in which we stayed

A hat tree at a Tea!

It was a great treat to stay for part of the trip with some wonderful relatives! Here is our darling little fourth-cousin, Augustine (after the airplane view, Veronica took the most pictures of him...but I can't blame her!)

Handsome gentlemen, John Paul and Ambrose! (also our fourth cousins)

A spread of food at the Omaha Tea

Hmm...for those of you who gave up sweets for Lent, this should make your sacrifice a little greater :)

Doesn't everything look scrumptious...and beautiful?

Cuteness personified: a tiny maiden in a precious outfit

Don't you love the one-shoe-on-and-one-shoe-off?

Me with sweet Madelin -- relishing meeting each other after writing letters for two years!

A tableful of lovely teacups

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Nebraska/Iowa Trip in Photos, Part 1

A view from the airplane window on the way there: captured by Veronica

Another view...captured by Veronica

View 3 (if you think this is a lot, she took 77 photos on the plane ride...I was asleep and she got a little camera happy!)

I have to admit, though -- she did get some good ones.

How peaceful and beautiful everything looks from way up there!

It's a view God must have all the time :)

Fluffy clouds and blueness colliding with snowy whiteness

Visiting with young ladies of the Wynot Religious Education Program (Wed.), while others sign my book

Much to our (pleasant) surprise, not just the elementary but the teen girls were grabbing up our "Princess of Pure Love" coloring books!

A set "tea table" in Wynot (Thurs.)

Ladies arriving at the Wynot Tea

One of our dear hostesses, cleaning up after a Tea

...and her sweet daughters!

Resource table in Wynot

Our Lady, Mystical Rose, adorning my resource table accompanied by a beautiful stained glass candleholder from Ladybug Lights

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Monday, March 12, 2007

God is Good...Part 2

I have to share with you a few of the beautifully encouraging yet also humbling comments I received last week in the book I carry with me everywhere I speak...

"Dear Claire, You are great! Thank you for this speech!"

-Olivia (Elementary student)

- April (Elementary student)

"Thank you so much -- you are very inspiring."
- Ashley (Teen from Wynot, NE)

"I love how you aren't afraid to stand out!"
- Nicolette (Teen from Wynot, NE)

"Thanks so much for a great night!"
- Julie (Hartington, NE)

"Dear Claire, I think you are wonderful!"
- Teresa (age 8)

"What a beauty you are and thank you for listening to the Father and following Him. You are a joy."
- Nancy (Sat Bluff, IA)

"You're such a good person, I respect you so much for being who you are and for following God's will, also doing as God intends for people to do and how people are supposed to be."
- Staci (age 15)

"Absolutely fabulous!"
- Suzanne (Omaha, NE)

"Thank you! I wish I'd brought 20 people!"
- Rose (Omaha, NE)

And there were many more touching spoken comments, too...such as the lady who drove two hours to one of the Teas and told me "It was totally worth it!". And the sweet 16-year-old who said "You're nineteen? I've never met a nineteen-year-old this nice!"

But best of all was the dear 8-year-old maiden who whispered in my ear after we prayed together before a shrine of our Lady...

"I prayed to be like you".

Oh Lord, I am not worthy! Indeed, how sweet it is to be an instrument in Your hands. To You alone be the Glory!

~ ~ ~

God is Good...All the Time

I hardly know where or how to begin. This is one of those times when words, wonderful as they are, hardly seem adequate. I can honestly and simply say that this week has been one of --if not the most -- grace-filled of my life.

As I wrote in my journal flying home tonight... "Who am I, Lord, that you should use me?".

Every moment of this trip, this "mission", was so clearly planned, directed, and cared for by an omnipotent Father, holding us gently and securely in the palm of His hand. One can only gaze with wonder and awe as His workings. One can only marvel at His goodness...all the time! What sweetness to surrender as His instrument. He will, indeed, never be outdone in generosity.

And the souls, the beautiful souls that I encountered this week have left an indelible imprint on me. All the people we stayed with were so very gracious, so very selfless! And our Guardian Angels were terrific. Which brings me to the Friday night story...

It was about 9pm at the home of the dear couple I was staying with in Sioux City (Veronica was back in Omaha with another family for that night). The carbon monoxide detector in their basement began to go off. They almost ignored it, because apparently it had been acting up recently. But Mrs. V. didn't feel quite right about it, so she called up the service place/control center (or whatever those places are called!) and they sent out a rep. to test the levels. turned out that a normal reading was a 10 on his machine, and in their basement he got a 250. And the guestroom, where I was to be, was... in the basement. So to make a long story short -- Mrs. V. and I ended up at a completely different house that night! All I could do was keep praising God that she had called the place...because if not, and I had gone to sleep down there... I may not have been there the next morning.

I will have some more follow-up tomorrow...I would now, but my eyes are drooping!

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Travels Day 5

Yesterday's events with the Omaha Catholic Homeschool Association were blessed and beautiful. It was such a joy to meet so many wonderful families, and to marvel at the organization of this organization with 300 of them! They were so very gracious, even letting me sing with the choir for the Mass. :) And the little maidens were just delightful.

I then traveled here, to Sioux City, IA, last evening for our Tea here today. I'm short on time at the moment, but perhaps at some point you may get the story of last night's adventure (no, they don't seem to be over yet!)

And if anyone is interested, you can access online the Spirit Catholic Radio interview that aired yesterday (mp3 format).

Remain with Him...and keep those prayers coming!

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Friday Activities!

Okay, it's not quite "tomorrow morning", but I wanted to wait until everything tomorrow
(Friday) was confirmed. Here's the info:

Omaha Catholic Homeschool Association Monthly Mass and Gathering
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish
5419 N 114th St.
Omaha, NE 68164

Holy Mass: 11:00am

12:00-12:45pm: "Lunch with Miss Claire"
During lunch, Claire will speak for maidens ages 6-10

12:45-1:45pm and 1:45-2:45pm: Workshops sessions
During the "Fun Friday" workshop sessions, as a complimenting activity to Miss Claire’s lunchtime talk, young ladies of all ages are invited to participate in “Magdalena’s Hair Salon”! Girls will have the chance for some informal discussion and bonding “girl-time” while learning about the art of French-braiding and feminine hair-dos, and can have their hair done by Miss Claire.

Questions contact Denise at at (402) 502-1347.

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The Modesty Survey

For anyone who may have been at my talk in Wynot this evening, this is for you. :) Well, not exclusively for you -- but because I mentioned and quoted from reponses to The Rebelution's Modesty Survey, I promised some of you I would post the link for your convenience. When I get home and can update my website, I will also try to remember and post it up there for you, too.

Click here to visit The Modesty Survey.


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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

From Wynot, NE

Just a quick line before I head off to bed! We are now in Wynot (pronounced "why-not"), and 7:30am Mass is on the schedule for tomorrow I should be in catching up on sleep. :)
Today's activities -- the interview with Spirit Catholic Radio in Omaha, and talks for 1st-5th and 6th-12th grade Religious Education girls here in Wynot -- went beautifully. I continue to be in awe of God's grace and the effectiveness of all your prayers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Watch for an update tomorrow morning about Friday's special events for young maidens in Omaha...

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

We Made It! AND
*Radio Interview New Time*

I wonder if this could qualify as "live-blogging"? :o)

Veronica and I made it to Nebraska. I say "made it" because getting here turned out to be quite an adventure! Needless to say, we expected some, well, opposition (since any time something good is in the works one must be ready for an onslaught of obsticles) -- but I'm not sure we quite anticipated what we got. And this is only the first day! But in a sense, the opposition is actually encouraging...because we know that there must be some good fruit going to come about -- or else old sir devil wouldn't put up such a stiff fight. :)

Between a somewhat later start than we hoped this morning, traffic, "orange" security, a flight switch, more security, airplane trouble, another flight switch, unloading, and reboarding...we ended up getting here 4 hours later than planned. This afternoon's speaking event and interview with the Omaha Catholic Radio had to be replanned...

And yet, the hand of God could still be seen guiding us along. Between the flight switches, we were able to attend Mass and receive our Lord at the O'Hare Chapel. I had missed Mass this morning because of trying to finish preparations, and been lamenting that I wouldn't get to receive Jesus today. So I just prayed, "Lord, if You want me to receive You today, please work it out somehow!".

Well, in between the hustle and bustle of working our way through the airport, I looked up and saw a Roman collar. It was the Airport Chaplain, and, lo and behold: there was to be a Mass at 11:30 -- right in the middle of our "in between" time. Truly, an omnipotent Father watches over us.

Thankfully, it looks like I will still get to be with the little girls, only on Friday (more details to follow). And Spirit Catholic Radio is able to record our interview with me tomorrow morning.

Which brings me to the real purpose for this post: the interview air time has actually been changed. It will still air Friday morning, but is now planned for approximately 8:15-9:00am Central Time.

Again, if you're in the greater Omaha area, you can tune in to:
88.9FM (Omaha)
103.1FM (Schuyler)
98.3FM (Norfolk)

Or for everyone else, listen online here.

Thank you again for your wonderful prayers! It is so exciting and humbling to be, as Mother Teresa so beautifully put it, "a pencil in the hand of God". May He increase and I decrease!

~ ~ ~

And They're Off!

Claire and Veronica just left to the airport to catch their flight. For six days they'll be spreading the message of modesty and femininity with ladies (and girls) in Nebraska and Iowa.

And the work continues here too. A Rosa Mystica Table will be seen at a pro-life youth event at St. Jude's Catholic Church in New Lenox Saturday Night (3/10/07), compliments of the staff here at home. Please unite with us in prayer that we may touch many hearts...

Our Lady of the Way, protect and guide them!


Monday, March 05, 2007

Catholic Radio Interview

My interview on Omaha’s Spirit Catholic Radio (which will actually be recorded tomorrow) will be aired during their Morning Show on Friday, March 9th from approximately 7:15 to 7:45am Central Time.

If you're in the greater Omaha area, tune in to:
88.9FM (Omaha)
103.1FM (Schuyler)
98.3FM (Norfolk)

Or if you're anywhere else, you can listen live at the Spirit Radio Website!

Thank you for your prayers!

~ ~ ~

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Nebraska/Iowa: News from...

The Rosa Mystica Modesty Movement
Restoring a Culture of Life through Modesty!

Dear Friends,

It is with great excitement that I prepare to fly out Tuesday (along with my sister and tavel companion Veronica) to Omaha, Nebraska for six days of speaking. If you happen to live/will be in the Omaha, NE, Wynot, NE, or Sioux City, IA areas, I'd love to meet you! And if you have friends in these areas, please spread the word!

Even more importantly, I humbly request your prayers. My apostolate is under the protection and guidance of Our Lady, Mystical Rose: it is her work. And none of it would be possible but for the wonderful support of so many prayer warriors such as yourselves. This is the beauty of the Body of Christ. If you can, please join in praying the novena below to Our Lady, Rosa Mystica. If you begin today (Sunday) and go for nine days, you will be praying throughout the duration of my trip. But even starting tomorrow, or anytime this week, is great too! …Even if you can't pray the novena, we ask that you try to offer Memorares or any prayers and sacrifices you can. May God be glorified and many souls reached!

And lastly, if you should feel led to contribute a monetary donation to this work – in any amount – know that it would be much appreciated. This apostolate does exist solely on grace and donations, since all of our resources are offered free of charge. If the Holy Spirit places it on your heart to contribute in some way, please do! (Visit my contact page for where to send a donation).

While carrying out Christ’s unique work for each of us, let us press on together toward the goal... (Phil. 3:14).

Yours in the Faith,
Miss Claire J.M. Halbur

Foundress and Directress
The Rosa Mystica Modesty Movement

~ ~ ~

Nebraska/Iowa Speaking Schedule

Tuesday, March 6:
St. Peter Catholic Church (Convent of the Seraphic Sisters of the Eucharist)
27th & Leavenworth
Omaha, Nebraska 68105

Presentation for homeschooled young ladies ages 6–10 (2:00pm)
Other young ladies welcome!
For more details or to RSVP contact Salesia at (402) 345-0541

Wednesday, March 7:
Holy Family Parish
807 Emerson Ave.
Wynot, Nebraska 68792

Presentations for young ladies of the Religious Education Program
(1st–5th Grade 7:15pm, 6th–12th Grade 7:40pm)
Other young ladies welcome!
For more details contact Minette at (402) 357-2669

Thursday, March 8:
Holy Family Parish (Sacred Heart Hall)
807 Emerson Ave.
Wynot, Nebraska 68792

Mother/Daughter Tea (7:00pm)
All ladies welcome, with or without daughters (6th grade and older)
For more details or to RSVP contact Minette at (402) 357-2669

Friday, March 9:
Interview aired on Omaha’s Spirit Catholic Radio Morning Show
*For time, check back on this blog on or after Monday, 3/05*
88.9FM – Omaha 103.1FM – Schuyler 98.3FM – Norfolk
Listen Live at the Spirit Radio Website:

Saturday, March 10:
Trinity Heights Shrine
2501 33rd Street (& Floyd Blvd.)
Sioux City, Iowa 51108

Mother/Daughter Tea (1:30pm)
All ladies welcome, with or without daughters (6th grade and older)
For more details or to RSVP contact Judy at (712) 276-8032

Sunday, March 11:
St. Peter Catholic Church
27th & Leavenworth
Omaha, Nebraska 68105

Mother/Daughter Tea (3:00pm)
All ladies welcome, with or without daughters (6th grade and older)
For more details or to RSVP contact Denise at (402) 502-1347


Novena Prayer to Our Lady, Rosa Mystica

Mystical Rose, Immaculate Virgin, Mother of Mercy, I venerate thee that I might honor thy Divine Son and thereby win His mercy. I ask for thy help in the clemency of thy Maternal Heart in all confidence that I will be heard. Hail Mary...

Mystical Rose, Mother of the Savior, Queen of the Holy Rosary and Mother of the Church, Christ's Mystical Body, I beseech thee on behalf of a war-torn world enslaved by sin, be merciful to those about to be lost for all eternity, especially those who have no one to pray for them, and pray for us, your children through consecration. Hail Mary...

Mystical Rose, Ever-Chaste Queen of Heaven and Earth, grant us holy zeal for souls, a heart surrendered to the Divine Will, and the grace and strength we need to carry out the work your Son has for us, so that one day, we and many others may join thee in perfect, pure union with Thy Son in the eternal beauty of Heaven. Hail Mary...

Hail Holy Queen...
Mystical Rose, Help of Christians, pray for us.

Mystical Rose of the Immaculate Conception, PRAY FOR US!


(prayer derived from devotions given here)

Thank you and may God bless you!

~ ~ ~

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Yes, today is Claire's birthday!

(the bow on her head is because we have a picture of her on her 1st birthday with a bow on her head ;)

The Birthday Girl!

We love you, Claire!

Your Staff