Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feminine Hairstyles, Day 4

Model: "Miss Flora"

Style: The heart braid (I learned this one from Vicki!)

Done: About two months ago

How: Seat her so that her face is looking at you. Part hair down the center and about halfway down the scalp. Take a very small section of hair from the middle of her head, next to the part, and start braiding toward yourself. Use the french "lace braid" technique by only adding sections from the part. As you come towards her forehead, curve the braid into a J shape for the left side, or a backwards J for the right side. Finish the end of the braid and secure it while you do the other side. Join the braids together in the middle and add a barette or accessory, if desired.

Supplies: Comb, small hairties. *If the hair is fine or slippery, you will need to wet the top down with a spray bottle of water before braiding.*

Time: About 10 minutes


Back (see the heart?)
As you can see, this braid is adorable with short hair, but it can be done easily on longer hair as well.

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Victoria Rose said...

You did? Cool! LOL! I learned it from a picture of my cousin’s hair. :P

I love the sparkly bow. :)