Sunday, February 07, 2010

Feminine Hairstyles, Day 1

Here we go!

Model: Miss Havilah

Style: A updo variation on the diagonal french braid. I've given names to some of the hairstyles I will post this week, but some (including this one) are currently I'm going to invite reader participation to help me out here! What do you think this braid should be called? Give your suggestions or cast your vote on others' suggestions in the comment box!

Supplies: Comb, one hairtie, about 10 blonde bobby pins and (optional) a double-comb piece like those shown here (they are sold at Jewel, Walgreens, or Wal-Mart for less than this site).

Time: About 10 minutes, maybe less

Photos (these are also in chronological order so you can see its progression!):

Diagonal braid, down

Side view

Other side — you can see where the braid was started

Braid up with end tucked in — voila!

Front view of her pretty face!

Hair comb duo added for decor

Finished product, one more angle (and different lighting)

Don't forget to submit your name suggestions! :)

See the list of "Week in Feminine Hair" participants here.


Victoria Rose said...

Why it should be called "The Havilah"....maybe? :P

Anyway, how on earth did you do Havilah's hair?!?! I thought she lived in Iowa!! *is suspicious*


Amanda said...

Wow! That is cool!

I think Havilah, would be good!

Claire said...

Yes, she does live in Iowa, but happened to be in our town this past Saturday for a baptism for some other ACM Iowa girls' baby sister! :) (Did you catch all that?)

Claire said...

And yes, perhaps "The Havilah Braid" it will have to be...

Ardhoniel said...

The Havilah braid for sure. That is an amazing gift you have Claire. You should be a professional hairdresser!~Ardhoniel

Cor Mariae said...

I don't know...I have nothing against "the havilah" but I did think it might be called "the side-winder"... ;D ;D

Cor Mariae

Claire said...

Thank you for the compliments, everyone!

Keep the name ideas coming... I kind of like "side winder"! ;)

What about the "diagonal curl up braid"?

Cor Mariae (or bethie ;D) said...

why thank you. :) thought that could be used for other braids as well. :)

the dcub is too long unless you abbreviate it. ;D actually that would work out nicely..."de-cub" ;D ;D said with a slight accent. ;D heehee. ;D well I like it. ;D

:-* CM