Sunday, March 25, 2007

Return to the Heart

The past days have been full of contemplation. And one day this week, a specific thought came to me when contemplating our need, as members of the Body of Christ, for "Spiritual Power Stations".

We can be likened to the bloodstream, or "lifestream" of the human body: we have a job, a purpose, a calling to be bearers of life and nourishment, to attend to the needs of the rest of the Body. And yet, if we go on our merry way and fail to return to the heart, we will soon be useless.

Yes, we are called to "scatter", if you will... to be as salt and light, reaching far and wide to proclaim the Gospel. We are called to carry life to the entire body. But this precisely why we need "Spiritual Power Stations". Adoration. Community. Retreats. We need to draw from the Source: both from Christ Himself, and from the powerhouse of union with fellow believers.

We need times to reconnect. To rejuvenate. To be refortified to again go out and remain faithful to our calling as salt, as light, as bearers of life. We need spiritual "reoxidization", or else our flavor may go flat, the light we're striving to carry become dim, the nourishment we're seeking to offer grow scarce. Because we are called to give -- but we have to receive from the Source before we can give anything.

We need to return to the heart.

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cowboystatekate@yahoo,com said...

Beautiful, Clare! ~And so very true.


Alice said...

Very true and well said, Claire.