Tuesday, March 06, 2007

We Made It! AND
*Radio Interview New Time*

I wonder if this could qualify as "live-blogging"? :o)

Veronica and I made it to Nebraska. I say "made it" because getting here turned out to be quite an adventure! Needless to say, we expected some, well, opposition (since any time something good is in the works one must be ready for an onslaught of obsticles) -- but I'm not sure we quite anticipated what we got. And this is only the first day! But in a sense, the opposition is actually encouraging...because we know that there must be some good fruit going to come about -- or else old sir devil wouldn't put up such a stiff fight. :)

Between a somewhat later start than we hoped this morning, traffic, "orange" security, a flight switch, more security, airplane trouble, another flight switch, unloading, and reboarding...we ended up getting here 4 hours later than planned. This afternoon's speaking event and interview with the Omaha Catholic Radio had to be replanned...

And yet, the hand of God could still be seen guiding us along. Between the flight switches, we were able to attend Mass and receive our Lord at the O'Hare Chapel. I had missed Mass this morning because of trying to finish preparations, and been lamenting that I wouldn't get to receive Jesus today. So I just prayed, "Lord, if You want me to receive You today, please work it out somehow!".

Well, in between the hustle and bustle of working our way through the airport, I looked up and saw a Roman collar. It was the Airport Chaplain, and, lo and behold: there was to be a Mass at 11:30 -- right in the middle of our "in between" time. Truly, an omnipotent Father watches over us.

Thankfully, it looks like I will still get to be with the little girls, only on Friday (more details to follow). And Spirit Catholic Radio is able to record our interview with me tomorrow morning.

Which brings me to the real purpose for this post: the interview air time has actually been changed. It will still air Friday morning, but is now planned for approximately 8:15-9:00am Central Time.

Again, if you're in the greater Omaha area, you can tune in to:
88.9FM (Omaha)
103.1FM (Schuyler)
98.3FM (Norfolk)

Or for everyone else, listen online here.

Thank you again for your wonderful prayers! It is so exciting and humbling to be, as Mother Teresa so beautifully put it, "a pencil in the hand of God". May He increase and I decrease!

~ ~ ~

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