Monday, March 12, 2007

God is Good...All the Time

I hardly know where or how to begin. This is one of those times when words, wonderful as they are, hardly seem adequate. I can honestly and simply say that this week has been one of --if not the most -- grace-filled of my life.

As I wrote in my journal flying home tonight... "Who am I, Lord, that you should use me?".

Every moment of this trip, this "mission", was so clearly planned, directed, and cared for by an omnipotent Father, holding us gently and securely in the palm of His hand. One can only gaze with wonder and awe as His workings. One can only marvel at His goodness...all the time! What sweetness to surrender as His instrument. He will, indeed, never be outdone in generosity.

And the souls, the beautiful souls that I encountered this week have left an indelible imprint on me. All the people we stayed with were so very gracious, so very selfless! And our Guardian Angels were terrific. Which brings me to the Friday night story...

It was about 9pm at the home of the dear couple I was staying with in Sioux City (Veronica was back in Omaha with another family for that night). The carbon monoxide detector in their basement began to go off. They almost ignored it, because apparently it had been acting up recently. But Mrs. V. didn't feel quite right about it, so she called up the service place/control center (or whatever those places are called!) and they sent out a rep. to test the levels. turned out that a normal reading was a 10 on his machine, and in their basement he got a 250. And the guestroom, where I was to be, was... in the basement. So to make a long story short -- Mrs. V. and I ended up at a completely different house that night! All I could do was keep praising God that she had called the place...because if not, and I had gone to sleep down there... I may not have been there the next morning.

I will have some more follow-up tomorrow...I would now, but my eyes are drooping!

~ ~ ~

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Cecilia Rose said...

Wow! Praise God for His loving care...