Saturday, March 10, 2007

Travels Day 5

Yesterday's events with the Omaha Catholic Homeschool Association were blessed and beautiful. It was such a joy to meet so many wonderful families, and to marvel at the organization of this organization with 300 of them! They were so very gracious, even letting me sing with the choir for the Mass. :) And the little maidens were just delightful.

I then traveled here, to Sioux City, IA, last evening for our Tea here today. I'm short on time at the moment, but perhaps at some point you may get the story of last night's adventure (no, they don't seem to be over yet!)

And if anyone is interested, you can access online the Spirit Catholic Radio interview that aired yesterday (mp3 format).

Remain with Him...and keep those prayers coming!

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Cecilia Rose said...

What a beautiful interview! I will definitely be putting that link onto my blog. And you are always in my prayers! It makes me so happy to see how much your movement has grown!

Your bosom friend,