Friday, March 16, 2007

Nebraska/Iowa Trip in Photos, Part 4

Ascending the podium at the Omaha Tea

Our Lady gracing the resource table in Omaha

Modesty Recourse Guides, CDs, Tracts, and Coloring Books...among rose petals :)

Me with Fr. Cook, the wonderful supportive pastor of St. Peter's in Omaha

Some of the terrific young men servers at the Omaha Tea

Our fourth-cousin Jacob, pouring tea for the ladies

Augustine with his beautiful mama

Me with the lovely ladies who planned and organized the Omaha Tea -

God bless them!

~ ~ ~


Cantor said...

How beautifully dressed you are!

Claire said...

Thank you, Cantor! :)

Cantor said...

I really mean it. What a wonderful example for your audience...
My best wishes and prayers for your apostolate!

Alice said...

Claire, you are beautiful!!!

What incredible photos these are. You are doing so much good work, and I absolutely love your Teas!

I am going to show my older girls these pictures in the morning.

Claire said...

Cantor: Thank you dearly for your kind compliments. My goal is to proclaim this message not only with my words, but with my life... so if the photos testify to that, praise God! :)

Thank you so much for your support and your prayers. I think that only in heaven will we truly know their power!

Alice: How honored I am to receive a comment from you! And thank you for your kindness. Please, keep me in your good prayers and those of your beautiful family as well!