Monday, March 12, 2007

God is Good...Part 2

I have to share with you a few of the beautifully encouraging yet also humbling comments I received last week in the book I carry with me everywhere I speak...

"Dear Claire, You are great! Thank you for this speech!"

-Olivia (Elementary student)

- April (Elementary student)

"Thank you so much -- you are very inspiring."
- Ashley (Teen from Wynot, NE)

"I love how you aren't afraid to stand out!"
- Nicolette (Teen from Wynot, NE)

"Thanks so much for a great night!"
- Julie (Hartington, NE)

"Dear Claire, I think you are wonderful!"
- Teresa (age 8)

"What a beauty you are and thank you for listening to the Father and following Him. You are a joy."
- Nancy (Sat Bluff, IA)

"You're such a good person, I respect you so much for being who you are and for following God's will, also doing as God intends for people to do and how people are supposed to be."
- Staci (age 15)

"Absolutely fabulous!"
- Suzanne (Omaha, NE)

"Thank you! I wish I'd brought 20 people!"
- Rose (Omaha, NE)

And there were many more touching spoken comments, too...such as the lady who drove two hours to one of the Teas and told me "It was totally worth it!". And the sweet 16-year-old who said "You're nineteen? I've never met a nineteen-year-old this nice!"

But best of all was the dear 8-year-old maiden who whispered in my ear after we prayed together before a shrine of our Lady...

"I prayed to be like you".

Oh Lord, I am not worthy! Indeed, how sweet it is to be an instrument in Your hands. To You alone be the Glory!

~ ~ ~

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