Friday, March 30, 2007

Meditation on Psalm 96:9

I just saw this on the new blog Heroic Simplicity and found it too good not to share!

"Worship the Lord in Holy Attire"

Are you clad to greet the King
In holy modest and neat attire?
Are you dressed that you may sing
Along with the angelic choir,
Or are your clothes a desecration
Meant for picnic or for beach
Or other forms of recreation?

Your clothing is stark evidence
Of what is in your heart and mind.
Does it reflect your reverence,
Present you as a soul refined
Radiant, joyful and duly graced,
A soul prepared to meet its God
From whom all stain has been erased?

Then come, dear soul, with us rejoice
In this house, this holy place,
Praising God with heart and voice
In raiment radiant with His grace
And greet with us the King of Kings,
Our Lord, Our Savior, the Holy One
From Whom all hope forever springs!
~ ~ ~

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the kind message Claire! I was checking to see if my daughter had read my post to her, when I came across your comment! Yes, I thought that poem was lovely as well! I was very happy to come across your website when doing a search on Modesty/Catholic. I actually used your link to your available products and asked you a few questions and wrote a bit about my situation with my daughter. I'm not sure if it ever reached you. I also asked what would be a fair donation amount! :)
Mrs. Dumais