Friday, March 16, 2007

Nebraska/Iowa Trip in Photos, Part 2

Interview with Omaha's Spirit Catholic Radio (Wed.)

What a joy it was to be a part of this truly Catholic media outreach. I just loved how they had a chapel attached to their studio, with a plaque reading "Jesus Christ: C.E.O." outside the door!

Some of the magnificent artwork which graced the walls and rooms of the studio

A beautiful wall-hanging in one of the guestrooms in which we stayed

A hat tree at a Tea!

It was a great treat to stay for part of the trip with some wonderful relatives! Here is our darling little fourth-cousin, Augustine (after the airplane view, Veronica took the most pictures of him...but I can't blame her!)

Handsome gentlemen, John Paul and Ambrose! (also our fourth cousins)

A spread of food at the Omaha Tea

Hmm...for those of you who gave up sweets for Lent, this should make your sacrifice a little greater :)

Doesn't everything look scrumptious...and beautiful?

Cuteness personified: a tiny maiden in a precious outfit

Don't you love the one-shoe-on-and-one-shoe-off?

Me with sweet Madelin -- relishing meeting each other after writing letters for two years!

A tableful of lovely teacups

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