Thursday, April 27, 2006

Spiritual Power Station

This past Saturday night was the third meeting of a Catholic Youth Group started by some friends of mine. Now this is not just any youth group. This group was founded by youth, for youth "to pray for our vocational discernment, to assist us in becoming better Catholics, and to have fun while doing so" (from Mission Statement). Each of our monthly meetings includes the Rosary (led by youth!), Devotions, a special spiritual/uplifiting activity, and a wholesome social activity.

Kneeling in prayer amidst this army of youth on Saturday was like being in a Spiritual Power Station. Grace just hung on the air. And I was struck with the realization of how truly amazing this is. We are our future Church, our future world. Wait, I'll change that. As our wonderful auxiliary Bishop Kaffer of Joliet would say, "YOU, youth, are not just the future of the Church and the are the present AND the future of the Church and the world!"


Where do you find a Spiritual Power Station?

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Anonymous said...

Dear Claire,

I too, find a Spiritual Power Station like you described. And not only there, but here at home too. Especially when I'm not in the most amiable mood and you show such patience in dealing with me. Thank you!

With love,
Little Sis (guess which one? :)