Thursday, March 15, 2007

Nebraska/Iowa Trip in Photos, Part 1

A view from the airplane window on the way there: captured by Veronica

Another view...captured by Veronica

View 3 (if you think this is a lot, she took 77 photos on the plane ride...I was asleep and she got a little camera happy!)

I have to admit, though -- she did get some good ones.

How peaceful and beautiful everything looks from way up there!

It's a view God must have all the time :)

Fluffy clouds and blueness colliding with snowy whiteness

Visiting with young ladies of the Wynot Religious Education Program (Wed.), while others sign my book

Much to our (pleasant) surprise, not just the elementary but the teen girls were grabbing up our "Princess of Pure Love" coloring books!

A set "tea table" in Wynot (Thurs.)

Ladies arriving at the Wynot Tea

One of our dear hostesses, cleaning up after a Tea

...and her sweet daughters!

Resource table in Wynot

Our Lady, Mystical Rose, adorning my resource table accompanied by a beautiful stained glass candleholder from Ladybug Lights

~ ~ ~

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