Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Why Huckabee... and not Ron Paul?

It seems that at least a few of my readers are staunch RP supporters, based on some of the comments to this post. Rather than respond in the comment section, I'd like to here. (An aside: I do appreciate the very courteous civility with which they "disagreed". Thank you!)

I know plenty of “Ron Paul people”. I respect them. But I don't think they are backing the best candidate in this race.

Biggest reason why:
State's rights are a good and necessary thing. But I find Ron Paul's views on them, and on Constitutionalism, disturbing in their extremeness. When questioned about his stance on many issues, including the life issue, he answers that yes, he is pro-life, but rather than support a Constitutional amendment to protect life or nationally overturn Roe vs. Wade, he believes in placing this completely in the hands of the states. The problem I see with that? Our government is too corrupt at too many levels. Ideally, the above mode of action could be a great one, but only if our executive and judicial systems at local levels were less corrupt. Look at what a mere local judge was able to do in the case of Terri Schiavo! For an issue as vitally important and gravely serious as the abortion issue, we cannot afford to "give it back to the states". That is saying that 50 states can have 50 different stands on a moral issue. It just doesn't work. If there's anything that the United States of America must be united on, it's the standard of truth and morality that begins with respect for the worth of every single human life. There is a delicate balance between infringing on states' rights, and over emphasizing them. We were founded the United States of America.

In addition to that, Ron Paul just hasn’t generated the national support he would need to win the nomination. Meanwhile, Huckabee is still very much contending with the other two GOP candidates (despite the media’s dishonest attempts to shove him out the last few weeks).

Is Huckabee a “perfect” candidate? No. I disagree with him on Immigration and the Death Penalty. However, on what are the big fundamentals for me: Life, Family, Marriage, and Homeschooling, he is solid. And I firmly believe that he’s the only GOP candidate who has a chance at beating Hillary or Obama in November. Huckabee has the tact, freshness, honesty, wit, and humility that is absolutely crucial for the above to happen.

And to respond to the criticisms of Huckabee and homeschooling, I say this. I personally think it is very, very foolish of us to pick apart this candidate’s record on homeschooling and criticize it, instead of uniting to support him as the one who is closest to our values AND still has a chance of victory over those who would really make things hard for us. I found it distasteful and somewhat petty to see the large amount of Huckabee criticism going on at some prominent homeschool blogs. I mean, who is more dangerous for the homeschoolers: Huckabee or Hillary? I know that things may not have been “ideal” for homeschoolers in Arkansas under Governor Huckabee, but he did help them. He does not intend nor want to work against us.

HSLDA, who endorsed Mike Huckabee for President, released a very helpful article last month to help clear up this subject. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

I knew Huckabee wasn't that bad! (If the HSLDA endorses him, then of course I belive them.) We had found some of those blogs, and my parents were wavering,but I couldn't believe that he was all that bad. My thoughts were the same, "Who would be worse? Hillary or Huckabee". If it had turned out that Huckabee was "dangerous to homeschoolers" as on blog put it, I still would have supported him, because of all the other - and most of time, more important - issues that he was for. (ie. Pro-life, marriage, family) I think in that case, the positives would have outwieghed the negatives.
So I was overjoyed to read your article!
God Bless!

Gregory Cantor said...

I thank you for responding to our comments. If I may, I would like to add these points:
1)No pro-war candidate stands the slightest chance against Hillary or Obama (Huckabee has said that to stay in Iraq is a matter of honour for the USA);
2)The pro-life amendment WILL FAIL in the present and near future conditions;
3)If the amendment fails (and it will), is Huckabee ready to defund abortion? Even George Bush has not considered ending federal funding - but RP has drafted and proposed legislation in that sense (I wonder why nobody followed him...);
4)Huckabee may be a sympathetic candidate for us conservatives, but he has no appeal for liberals (how do you convert people if you turn them away?) - RP is giving credibility to the pro-life position among those who otherwise would never hear it (the liberals) - I have always thought the pro-life quest was about changing the hearts of those who are not pro-life yet, and not to entrench those who are already convinced... Am I wrong?;
5)the American economy is sitting on the most gigantic economic bubble the world has ever seen. As a rule, economic bubbles ALWAYS pop; and the bigger they are, the worst the aftermath; Some say it will pop this year, some say the next... Face it: AMERICA IS BANKRUPT; She owes more than THREE TIMES her GDP: how can anybody consider such a country solvent?
RP is the only one who aknowledges America is 'broke', and who has a plan to deal with this fact.

If you find anything offensive in this comment, I beg you to forgive me... It is not done on purpose :)

Claire said...

Anonymous: Glad the post and article were helpful to you!

Gregory Cantor: although I may disagree on some of your points I appreciate your perspective, and your perfect courtesy in presenting it. It's refreshing, especially because I've seen some Ron Paul supporters who do very much the opposite!


Gregory Cantor said...

Thank you!

Gregory Cantor

Army Woman said...

A Constitutional amendment on abortion will never pass. Fullstop. The U.S. couldn't pass the Equal Rights Amendment in the 70s and that was far less controversial. Ron Paul wants to cut federal funding to abortion and a few states have already made it virtually impossible to obtain one. Plus, he's anti death penalty which too many "pro-life" candidates are not. Me, I'm a one-issue voter. I want us out of Iraq and I want us out yesterday. That's why I'm supporting and have already voted for Ron Paul.

Gregory Cantor said...

Not to bother you, but I came to know that Ron Paul was one of the first in Congress to Defend a Pro-life Amendment:


(Please... Read the entire link: it is worth the time!)

Also, remember: RP has never opposed the amendment, and may well support it, when the right time comes.

Pax vobiscum!
(in the plural because one of your sisters had the generosity of responding to one of my comments, too!)