Friday, February 01, 2008

My Dad is the Best

I mean, how many guys would volunteer—cheerfully and instantaneously—to go out into a blowing, frigid winter storm at 11:30pm just to get a couple items that I said I needed from the van?

I'm one lucky girl. Rather, one blessed girl. Love you, Dad!


Megan said...

Dear Claire,
If you are talking about the snow storm on Tusday night: We went to 6:30 pm mass and it was rather windy on the way there, but on the way back it was snowing so hard that in some places we hade to stop for a few minuets, but we made it home all right. We almost missed the driveway.

With love your sister in Christ =)

Anonymous said...

Oh, how special!
My dad did something similar for my mother a few days ago. We were all driving together on the way home from something, but then we had to pick up our other car which we had parked somewhere. So he told my mom, "You stay and drive this car (the one we'd all been in) and I'll drive the other one so you don't have to get in a cold car."
I thought it was so sweet, and if the Lord so blesses that I will marry, I want to marry a man who would do that for me!