Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Picture of Faithfulness

Today, after spending some time visiting residents in a local nursing home, I sat near the entrance for a few minutes. And while I did, a very old, bent-over gentleman came shuffling into the room with tiny steps. He could barely walk, but he was pushing a wheelchair... with his elderly wife in it. Her voice came in an almost raspy whisper, but when I greeted them and asked her who the gentleman was, she said with a smile, "That's my husband." She was a resident, and he, visiting her. I couldn't help but ask how long they'd been married. "Sixty-three years", they answered me in unison.

Watching him propel his own feet and the chair as they left, and looking over his hunched back at their heads, a tear came to my eye and all I could think was...

Now that's faithfulness.


Clare said...

That's beautiful.

And it's a valuable reminder to all young ladies. It's beautiful to dream of the youthful stage of romance... the first meeting, the engagement, the wedding, and all that early enthusiasm... and there's nothing wrong with that, because that stage of a life together is beautiful.

But it's a life together, and we should remember that too! I want the youthful romance, but I want that young man to stay with me for many years after our youth is gone, and I want to have a love that is as deep and devoted as that couple.

Thanks so much for sharing that story, Claire... I really needed to hear it today.

Amanda said...

How sweet!

Kaila said...

He Claire! I just found your blog from Clare's. I look forward to reading more :-)

Claire said...

You're welcome, Clare! Thanks for stopping by (it's such fun to have comments from another Clare). :)

Kaila, welcome, and thanks for visiting!

Miss March said...

Wouldn't we all be so lucky to be in a marriage like that, faithful, loving, true, and long! God bless!