Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dispelling Huckabee Myths

I seem to have heard from an awful lots of folks lately who have taken their cues from the secular news media and either thought Huckabee had dropped out of the race, or that he didn't stand a chance.

For once and for all, let's clear things up: Huckabee is still very much in the race. And yes, he is still competative! (I'm amazed at how many folks actually listened to the media's claims that he was out of the race or didn't stand a chance. Come on, people! :) Don't believe everything the liberal, biased, secular media tells you!).

The scoop: Huckabee took five states yesterday, which is way better than any of the pundits predicted. They're calling it his "Southern sweep" (Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, West Virginia). Romney did worse than expected yesterday (especially for the amount of money he spent). McCain took a number of states, but even though delegate-wise he is in the lead, the analyzers have sat up and acknowledged that Huckabee's campaign has the momentum to still take the nomination. Or to end up with a brokered Republication convention (in which no one candidate has a majority of delegates, and so the decision process could actually come out in favor of either).

There are about 20 states that haven't had their primaries yet. Huckabee's strong showing yesterday has kept him very much a contender in the race (and finally after a few weeks of ignoring/discounting him, the media is acknowledging that he's still in and still strong).

To quote an article today in the Washington Post:

"Huckabee stormed back into the race yesterday with wins not just in
his home state of Arkansas but also in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and West
Virginia, complicating the race for the Republican nomination all over

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who had expected to emerge from Super
Tuesday with the nomination virtually locked up, was left facing still more
questions about his ability to win in deep red Republican states. Former
Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney was left wondering why he could not win the conservative votes McCain was losing."

(I find it almost humerous that they say "stormed back into the race"... as if he left it and returned! That's our fair and balanced media for you.) =)

In regards to the second paragraph: many of McCain's wins have been in states that "go blue" (Democrat) in the general elections. All of Mike's wins have been in states that go red (Republican). This is significantly taken into consideration at the convention...

In closing this post, I have to say that I've learned so much about the electoral process while following this election! And about how much we need to pray and sacrifice for our nation!

Today's great article: 5 Reasons Huckabee Can Win Despite the Current Delagate Count

Today's wonderful link:

"Huck's Army" was founded by Alex and Brett Harris (19-year-old twins; the same guys who founded, and it has over 17,000 members (all volunteers)! Incredible people, incredible site. Amazing effort. Check it out! And consider getting involved!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Claire for keeping us updated on Huckabee. I respect yours and the Harris twins choice; I will be able to vote this year so Huckabee can most likley count on my vote.
God bless,
Vicki M.