Thursday, February 14, 2008

A couple of my favorites

of the insights shared on Huck's Army Forum the last few days:

"You know, every time I remember God moving mightily in my life, it has always been at the 11th hour. I have learned to like it that way, makes things more exciting. And, like a previous poster reminded us, God gets all the all the glory that way - love it! This is the first time I've ever been involved in a campaign, and it is because it is first time I've ever been presented with a candidate that I can get excited about - a genuine person of character, who unashamedly stands for the right things. There is no question in my mind that Mike Huckabee is the best candidate to lead this nation, and that is why I became involved in this campaign. Never mind that when I started, he was behind - but I didn't care. I wanted to look back and be proud that, regardless of the outcome, I did everything I could to help get this nation on the right track with the right candidate. Nothing's changed, I still want that! We're still in this folks! Let's buck up and stand our ground, and after we have done everything, to stand! "


"Governor Huckabee is not speaking the idle words of a dreamer when he says he will continue until somebody reaches 1191 delegates. The Lord has trained him all his life to persist against all obstacles until victory is achieved. Statistically, he should still be back in Hope, Arkansas, having quit high school to make a living and raise a family. Statistically, he should have been a Democrat instead of one of the handful of Republicans in his entire county. Statistically, he might be a pastor in a struggling little church of 100 or so. Statistically, Republican pastors never run successfully for public office...

Statistically, Governor Huckabee should never have been reelected again and again to serve 10.5 years [as Governor of Arkansas]. Statistically, nobody loses 110 pounds and starts running marathons in middle age. Statistically, this should not now be a two-man race with the Baptist pastor as one of the two. Statistically, God does not do miracles on the basis of statistics!"

LOVE that last sentance! So very true.

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Anonymous said...

Reflections...on this battle (which I see as spiritual)...
These have been the readings the past couple days in my Christian prayer book, very relevant, I thought!

"While all the runners in the stadium take part in the race, the award goes to one man. In that case, run so as to win!...I do not run as a man who loses sight of the finish line. I do not fight as if I were shadowboxing. What I do is discipline my own body and master it." 1st Letter of Paul to the Corinthians chapter 9 verses 24, 26 and 27

"You have seen for yourselves how I bore you up on eagle wings and brought you here myself"
Exodus 19:4

"The Lord, your God, has chosen you from all the nations on the face of the earth to be a people peculiarly his own. It was because the Lord loved you and because of His fidelity to the oath he had sworn to your fathers, that he brought you out with his strong hand from the place of slavery, and ransomed you from the hand of Pharaoh, kind of Egypt. Understand, then, that the Lord your God is a faithful God, keeping His covenant of Love to a thousand generations to those who love Him and keep His commands"
Deuteronomy 7:6, 8-9

"Work with anxious concern to achieve your salvation. It is God who, in His good will toward you begets in you any measure of desire or achievement. In everything you do, act without grumbling or arguing; prove yourselves innocent and straightforward, children of God beyond reproach in the midst of a twisted and depraved generation - among whom you shine like the stars in the sky while holding fast to the word of life. As I look to the Day of Christ, you give me cause to boast that I did not run the race in vain or work to no purpose"
Philippians 2: 12b-16

Also, I look at it like this...Huckabee has about 300 delegates; Gideon had 300 men to fight the enemy, and won!
Just a thought (rather a couple thoughts).

Blessings to you all!
Claire’s sister Veronica – who’s too young too vote =(