Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pray Today for Huckabee!

It's interesting that the after-Super-Tuesday elections that no one thought would matter severals months ago are actually highly important. No one nominee emerged with 1,191 delagates that day, so the race is still on. It's now a two-man race between McCain and Huckabee (with both Romney and Paul suspending their candidacy over the past week). And though McCain remains leading in delegates, Huckabee's campaign is far from over. On Saturday, he swept Kansas with 60% of the vote, also won the Louisiana primary, and was within 200 votes of McCain in Washington. In fact, the daily tracking Rasmussen poll from yesterday reports that "among Republicans, McCain is viewed favorably by 66% and Huckabee by 67%." Finished? Hardly! Huckabee's momentum and funds have been growing by leaps and bounds!

Virginia holds their primary today. Will you all please join me in praying? 68 delegates at are stake— winner-take-all.

My favorite quote from Huckabee this week, in answer to the many media personnel trying to say it's "mathematically impossible" for him to win the nomination (which it isn't, by the way):

"I didn't major in math... I majored in miracles."

Go Virginia!


Anonymous said...

I'll pray for him, Claire! If it is God's will that Huckabee wins, he will.
God Bless,
Vicki M.

Maria Pauline said...

I will be in prayer. It seems that Huckabee is God's chosen candidate.

Maria Pauline