Friday, February 22, 2008

The Sound of Laughter

I'm sitting in the basement at the laptop, working, and can't help but smile at the sounds filtering down to me through the vents from upstairs. Sounds of laughter. Happy, maiden laughter from a number of young ladies who happen to be here at the moment. A few minutes ago when I greeted them upstairs, I was surrounded by bright eyes, rosy cheeks flushed from the cold, excited voices, and warm hugs. How thankful I am that in a world that is increasingly broken, twisted, and troubling, there are still young girls that can know what it means to be young, wholesome, and innocent.

Young girls who know how to laugh.


Clare said...

Beautiful post, Claire!

To my fairy-godmother from her goddaughter "Rose" said...

You were? That's right, Meg said she saw you posting.
Yes, we had a lovely walk to your house from St. Patrick's. Thank you for allowing us to use your home to eat dinner in!!!!
Hmm, what where we laughing about???? I don't really remember, but it could have been anything! (You know us!)
Oh, and the hair-doo you did on me is still in, and it still looks nice too!

Claire said...

Clare: Thank you!

Amanda: Megan is perceptive!

Glad to hear your walk was enjoyable. Though the air may be cold, I've found it also invigorating. :)

Thanks for asking me to do your hair... I have fun! Happy to hear it's lasted, too!

Much love,

Lady Kathleen said...

I think that it was Teresa and not me who saw you posting. I just saw you on the computer =)

Teresa said...

it was NOT me=)