Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Children of Fatima

Today is the feast of Blesseds Francisco and Jacinta Marto of Fatima, who at the ages 9 and 7, were graced with visits from the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God.

“Give my greetings
to Our Lord and to Our Lady,
and tell them that I am ready
to suffer as much as they wish
for the conversion of poor sinners.”

–Bl. Jacinta to her brother Bl. Francisco as he was dying

Lord, make us so ready to suffer for the salvation of souls!
Little Francisco and Jacinta, pray for us.

For more about the children of Fatima, click here.


Gregory Cantor said...

Greetings from Portugal ("Terra de Santa Maria")!

Gregory Cantor

Claire said...

Wow, Gregory... thank you! Do you mean to say you are/were there this week?

Gregory Cantor said...

Actually, I am a portuguese citizen living in Lisbon... It has been a while since I last visited the Sanctuary of Fatima. I made a promise to Our Lady that I would go there again, but I haven't kept it yet... :(

Claire said...

How wonderful! During all our election discussion I hadn't dreamed you actually live abroad! I'm honored to know my blog is read "internationally". :)

May I be so bold as to ask that the next time you do visit Fatima, you offer a prayer to our Lady for me? Someday I hope to see that place myself!


Gregory Cantor said...

I shall be glad to meet your request when I go there again!

Just a note: I was looking for articles about Catholic Modesty, when I fell upon one about your quest for modesty as a means to build a culture of life. That is how I came to your blog, which has already given me good points for reflection and prayer.

Thank You!


Gregory Cantor said...

I am happy to announce that I went to the Sanctuary of Fatima for the feast of Corpus Christi, and have acted according to your wish.

Yours in Christ


Claire said...

Thank you so much, Gregory. How kind of you to remember! I am honored and truly grateful. How beautiful it must have been to be in Fatima for the Feast of Corpus Christi!

May our Lady smile upon you this day.

Yours in Christ,