Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Through the Week in Feminine Dress: Days 1 and 2

I've seen these in the past and always thought it was such a lovely idea — to post daily photos of going through the week in pretty and practical feminine attire! Contrary to common thought, semi-dressy is both possible and comfortable on a daily basis. :)

So, when I saw a few days ago at A Joyful Handmaiden that a group of ladies are doing their "Spring 2008" week, I decided to join in. I know this works on different levels for different ladies — some decide to do it to try wearing skirts daily for a week, and some just decide to share a peek at how they regularly dress. For me, it's the latter. Either way, I think this can be a blessing and encouragement! I'll do my best to keep up in between the many goings on of this week!

I wasn't able to take any photos on Sunday, but I wore a pastel-sort-of-green skirt with a gentle print of swirly lavender and white flowers, coupled with the clearanced $9.99 white eyelet jacket I found at Sears a while back. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and we celebrated First Holy Communion at the parish where I'm DRE. Later in the afternoon I changed into a work skirt and t-shirt since we were catching up on housework, but they're not worth describing. :)

Yesterday (Day 2), I wore one of my favorite solid skirts — a dark navy rayon (I think) that I love for its comfort and versatility. It's one of my many valuable Unique Thrift Store finds. :) It has six gores, a side zipper, and is smooth in front and elasticized in back, making it the perfect fullness. While I enjoy pretty shoes, I also love going barefoot, and will whenever possible when the weather is as lovely as it is now. :)

My top is a sheer white polyester with shimmery knots down the front as buttons (also a thrift store find). It would be unthinkable to wear it alone, but I simply layer a white cotton short sleeve shirt underneath and voila! — comfortable, springy, and lightweight.

The only item of my outfit not found at a thrift store is my scarf — it was actually a gift from a friend who is a pilot in Europe. For many years, he would bring home scarves from various places for my sisters and me. I think this one is silk and is from Italy! I love how a scarf can add character to an outfit.

I especially enjoy wearing jewelry that proclaims my Catholicism...
such as my large miraculous medal.

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee

I wore my hair in a simple braid, with a few rhinestone barrettes to clip back the top. Of course, a braid means matching a satin ribbon to my ensemble. :)

Since we had a dance practice yesterday, I wore white cotton eyelet capris underneath my skirt instead of a slip/petticoat. I actually found these last Spring at Wal-Mart — in the pajama section! They make perfect bloomers. Any activity can be done in a skirt with a comfy pair of capris or bloomers underneath! :)

If any of my readers are participating in the week of feminine dress, do let me know!
Blessings on this lovely Spring day!


Mamselle Duroc said...

What a beautiful ensemble! You look charming!


Anonymous said...

I love the outfit! The WIFD is so much fun. The scarf is gorgeous. The capris for bloomers is a fantastic idea. Great job Claire!

In Christ through Mary our Mother,

Gregory Cantor said...

Simply awesome.

I long for the day when at least half of the ladies I see walking in the street dress in such a fashion...

I hope you don't mind being complimented in this way... But watching these pictures is really a positive "shock" to me! A good medication, before returning to the everyday sight of widespread immodesty...

My prayers for your apostolate!


Claire said...

Clare and Claire, thank you!

Gregory, your encouraging affirmation made my day! I think more ladies would embrace modesty if more gentlemen voiced their appreciation... after all, the world is telling us that coverage is "dull", "frumpy", and even "weird". It's false, of course, but girls are looking for male admiration and told there's only one way to get it...

Claire said...

P.S. Also, thank you so much for the prayers!