Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Through the Week in Feminine Dress: Day 3

Another beautiful Spring day! In recent months, I've taken to checking weather.com each night as I prepare for bed, and laying out my clothes for the next day. It really helps me because I may not always be thinking so creatively in the morning! :) Perhaps it sounds silly, but I find myself more easily focused on morning prayers and exercises when I've predetermined what I'm to put on when they are finished. :)

Today I wore my flowered linen skirt found at Wal-Mart about four Springs ago (they had a bunch of nice things that year!). It's still in great condition. I love, love, love the ruffle (I am absolutely a ruffles kind of girl...they send me into exclamations). The design of a lightly gathered back and drawstring front is one of my favorite.

My blouse is a button-down white cotton with small white embroidered flowers throughout. Again, a thrift store find and one of my "staple" spring/summer pieces! Three-quarter-length sleeves are my favorite — they are so versatile in many kinds of weather.

I'm barefoot again...I did wear my closed-toe brown leather sandals when I went out today, but as soon as I get home they're off. :)

I wore my hair up in what is actually a fast do for me, but one which I am often asked how long it takes! I think it must look more complicated than it is...the mini claw clips are what make it a breeze. With the thickness of my hair, keeping this up with bobby pins alone would take a gazillion of them.

I enjoy brooches, but one of the biggest reasons I wear them less than necklaces is that I'm reluctant to put away my crosses and holy medals! :) Today I took a bow-shaped brooch that has a pearl "dangling" piece from the center and did something I've done before on occasion: detached the pearly dangle and in its place, put a medal of my choice! Today, I chose Our Lady of Guadalupe. I'm always good when Mom is with me. :)

A tip... a brooch is a terrific way to dress up and/or fix a blouse neckline. Especially those that they sell now that tend to be missing a top button or two! The pin takes their place with competence and a good deal more style, and takes care of too much peeking skin. (Those few buttons missing can make for a real teaser).

Thank you all for your kind words about yesterday's outfit. This is so much fun!


Mamselle Duroc said...

I love your skirt! And your hair-style is simply gorgeous. Altogether lovely!


Anonymous said...

Beeeeeautiful, Claire! Could you possibly post instructions on how you did your hair? I have ultra thick hair and there is not much I can do with it on account of its thickness and my limited skill. Hehe! So, I am always looking for new styles of hair besides a pony tail and an occasional french braid. Thanks.
God bless,
Vicki M.

1206080502s8438 said...

Claire I just happened upon your blog this evening and wanted to tell you that it is just wonderful!
Would you post instructions on how you do your hair with the mini clips? It is so lovely and I think that my hair is a lot like yours. I need a new style to try out!

LeneJ said...

100 % feminine and beautiful!! Out of the outfits throughout that week, this is my favourite! I love the idea of the brooch, by the way! I haven't been able to find a sweet brooch yet, but hopefully soon! ;-)

THANK YOU for being a wonderful inspiration!