Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Through the Week in Feminine Dress: Day 4

Today's outfit was another complete thrift-store ensemble. I always say that I'm not accustomed to paying more than $7 for a single article of clothing! :) This skirt is deep green but has lots of different colors in its print, so the possibilites for matching a top are numerous. Today I'm wearing my vivid blue three-quarter sleeve blouse accompanied by a woven brown leather belt. As Clare at Romance and the Roses mentioned, a belt can add such definition and character to an outfit! In the book Dressing with Dignity, author Colleen Hammond talks about tastefully defining the curves of our feminine figure. We we speak of modest attire, a gunny-sack wardbrobe is not at all what we're talking about. :) Mrs. Hammond points out how our Blessed Mother always appears in a beautiful flowing robe with a sash or belt about her waist. An interesting point, I think!

As you may have noticed, I wear a lot of blue. :) I also love pink...perhaps some will show up later this week. Vivid colors (rather than earthy hues) seem to fit my skin tone better.

I felt very Narnian taking this picture! :) It rained this morning, so I wore my long wine-violet jacket to Mass. The tree behind me is our lovely flowering pear... my only disappointment in it is that it doesn't bloom very long.

My cross — a Christmas gift last year from one of my Religious Ed students. It's very pretty and dainty. Underneath my blouse I have a lightweight white cotton tank top with a row of eyelet lace and a touch of ribbon sewn along the collar. Yesterday I mentioned using brooches to fix a neckline — this is another great way!

Photo credit goes to my lovely sister, Sarah. :) Thank you, my dear!


Mamselle Duroc said...

Like you, I love blues and pinks. Your blouse is so sweet, I just love it!

And that black-and-white toned 'Narnia picture' is gorgeous! You look lovely, as ever!


Claire said...

Thanks, Clare. :) I've enjoyed your outfits too!!