Friday, May 09, 2008

Through the Week in Feminine Dress: Day 5

Yesterday was our Suzuki String group concert. I'm a teacher, Sarah's a helper, and Veronica and David are students.

I accented my concert black outfit — a long linen skirt and a chiffon top with ties at the neck —with a ribbon sash to add a touch of spring color. The sleeves are my favorite part of this top! However, being chiffon with lace inserts makes it it very sheer. Worn alone or even with a tank top camisole underneath, the sheer lace up the sleeves can still be somewhat glaring (and distracting, according to the Modesty Survey). :)

So... I just wear a solid long-sleeve stretch shirt underneath, which both makes a lining for the chiffon and fills in the sheer lace on the sleeves. Voila!

My shoes are actually a pair of character dance shoes that I like so well, I use them for formalwear. :)

My jeweled cross...

Oh, and if anyone's wondering if I wore this all day, I didn't. :) Before I changed for the evening concert, I actually wore the same outfit as on Friday (the denim and pink).


Mamselle Duroc said...

I love your outfit! The sleeves are gorgeous, the shoes are too cute, and your hair is positively elegant!


Claire said...

Thanks, Clare! :)