Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Pleasantly Surprised

Last evening, when my mom and dad needed their eyeglasses adjusted at Sears, I went along. Since it has been a very loooong time since I have been to the mall - and anytime within the past 5 years or so when I have, the clothing selections have been not only expensive, but completely undignified and unfeminine - I was somewhat eager to see what they have available this season. Granted, Sears was the only store I was in...but for one store, I was truly pleasantly surprised! Any lady who has felt like she's going in circles in recent years looking at "regular" stores for feminine, modest, and lovely clothing doesn't have to make that claim anymore. Tons of jackets, blazers, classic blouses, and gorgeously long, flowey skirts in fun colors and prints filled the racks I browsed through yesterday. Certainly, there were racks which obviously needed avoiding all together -- but there were plenty that didn't. And the prices too were really not that bad. Mom and I purchased eyelet jackets, originally priced at $58 (meaning that typically we wouldn't even look at them), but clearanced for $9.99!

And Sears isn't the only department store with nice clothing selections this season. We found versatile, comfy tiered denim skirts and lightweight linen jackets at Wal-Mart this spring (White Stag brand), and the many of the clothing photos featured on Kohl's website are very promising.

And I loved the little write-up that I read on the tag of one of White Stag's skirts at Wal-Mart the other day... "here at White Stag, we wear our skirts the way you would your comfy jeans!" I must say, it's nice to see someone catching on!

Perhaps I should have titled this "A Nice Flip to my Shopping Adventure"?

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