Saturday, May 10, 2008

Through the Week in Feminine Dress: Day 7

My skirt today was found just this week on a thrift store trip. It's a Coldwater Creek "Gypsy" skirt that I found still with its brand-new tags! I got it for $8, and since the skirts on Coldwater Creek's website range from $50-$150, that's a pretty good find. :)

The embellishments are so fun and pretty! We had an all-day dance practice today, and this skirt's flow and fullness — not too much, but not too little — was perfect.

I'm wearing my Little Flowers t-shirt, which has this wonderful quote of St. Therese's on the front...

...And our group name and logo on the back. You can't see the red oval very well, but it has our theme: "Modesty, Beauty, and Joy". I continued the theme of roses with what I like to call my "pro-life" necklace:

Thank you to all who've followed and commented this week. It's been enjoyable for me to participate in this! Gentlemen, I hope I've been able to offer some encouragement that femininity is still alive. Ladies, I hope I've been able to offer some tips and inspiration... the goal of highlighting through our dress the femininity and modesty of the heart should be one that we hold onto and share!

~ ~ ~

"Feminists are dedicated to the proposition that the difference between men and women is a matter of mere biology. The rest of us recognize a far deeper reality, one that meets us on an altogether different plane from mere anatomical distinctions. It is unfathomable and indefinable, yet men and women have tried ceaselessly to fathom and define it. It is unavoidable and undeniable, yet in the past couple of decades earnest and high-sounding efforts have been made in the name of decency, equality, and fairness, at least to avoid it and, whenever possible, to deny it. I refer, of course, to femininity---a reality of God's design and God's making, His gift to me and to every woman---and, in a very different way, His gift to men as well. If we really understood what femininity is all about, perhaps the question of roles would take care of itself."

-Elisabeth Elliot (The Essence of Femininity)


Mamselle Duroc said...

I love how flawlessly you've put together that 'rose theme.' The beautiful red shade of the skirt, the rose on the shirt, and that lovely necklace you're wearing. You look simply charming!


Lady Kathleen Mavourneen said...

The outfits were really pretty Claire. I liked all of them.

Molly Marie said...

I love the skirt. :)

Hannah said...

WOW! Those are beautiful Claire! Maybe you remember me, I'm Vicki M.'s sister who's name is Hannah. I also went to the Miles Jesu camp in 2006 and am going agian this year! YEAH! Anyway, I love outfit! You really inspired Vicki and me!
God Bless,
Mary John Paul:)
p.s. Any tips you could give me on my new BLOG would be great! It's called Totus Tuus. :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed looking through your week in dresses, thanks for posting. It's so wonderful to see other young ladies with the same conviction for modesty. Keep on the straight and narrow.