Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Yesterday's Feast: The Assumption!

What an amazing, beautiful mystery -- our Lady's Assumption into Heaven. What prompted her Son to exult her body with this great gift? Her perfect purity. She was the lily untarnished by any stain of sin. The one who, without hesitation, said "fiat" to the Will of God. The one who was full of grace. The one who exclaimed: “Magnificat anima mea dominum…My soul magnifies the Lord!” Think about it: Mary's soul was so clear that it not only reflected the image of God – it magnified Him! This lily was too spotlessly pure to be allowed to decay on this earth. She was assumed in glory, taken body and soul to Heaven with Her beloved Son. What a reward! Indeed, the keeping of purity does not go unmerited by the King. Great things has He in store for those who have fought the battle...and won.


Malori said...

Mary is definitely the perfect model of how to be "100% Pure"! :-)

Anonymous said...

May I ask what college you will be attending?

Claire said...

Malori: Amen! You said it!

Anonymous: Thanks for reading my blog and for asking. You may have noticed my two recent posts ("THE Question"), in which I explained what I am doing this year. Please keep my in your prayers...God bless!