Saturday, August 12, 2006

What are Your Seeds?

One specific verse from this past Thursday's Reading at Mass (2 Cor 9:6-10) caught me and held on:

"Brothers and sisters:
Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly,
and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully...
God loves a cheerful giver."

I could not but think: How many seeds do I sow? Each day? Each hour? Am I sowing bountifully the seeds of faith, hope, and love? Or bountifully the seeds of mistrust, discouragement, and selfishness? If it is bountifully of the first, I shall reap the fruits. If it is bountifully of the second, I shall soon be entangled in weeds. If only we would remember this as we go about our daily interactions. What seeds are we sowing with our thoughts, our words, our actions, our attitudes?

And the last phrase: "God loves a cheerful giver." The key word here is cheerful. When I give, is it grudgingly, half-heartedly, pridefully? Or is my giving marked with a spirit of true Christian joy?

Lord, help me each moment to sow more bountifully the seeds of good...and more sparingly the seeds of evil. Help me to be a cheerful giver.

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Anonymous said...

“I smile as I make this statement: There are always Many of Us present where this Holy Gift of The Father’s is present.

The world doubts so many important facts, issues, claims, truths, because mankind innately uses his or her ability to understand to their degree of understanding important facts, oftentimes when facts on specific issues tend to cause them to have responsibility, or force them to be alert to things that are binding to their conscience, attitude, perseverance, and way of life.

So many times when We speak through this voice that just a handful hear, We request that Our Words be spread to all areas of the world, all languages, because of the Importance of the Content, the Purpose for the Souls of every individual born in the human way.

We hear so many individuals clamor for attention, oftentimes based on sinful conditions, thus ignoring what is Important to the Values, the Purpose for an Inner Portion of human life called the Soul.

Granted, thousands and thousands of Words have been spoken, instructing on the importance of human life, and the Goal for which The Father Designed for it.

When a seed falls from the plant, the seed many times grows into the same type of plant from which it fell. It is important that human life, all ages, all colors, all creeds, remember that what they speak, how they act, is like a seed for others to imitate, to follow, thus making every thought, word, deed, action of one individual important, for maybe hundreds or thousands, because of the manner in which a topic of conversation travels from one individual to a numerous number, after it is first spoken or read.

I speak with much Love, but I also speak with much Concern. The world you live in is not a world of Godliness, but a world based on selfishness, egotism, and diabolical influence.

This Gift of The Father’s has a Divine Reason, Purpose, and it is necessary for mankind to remember that there is a Portion within each human being that is more important than anything mankind can own or seek, as he or she lives in the human way.

Perhaps I speak differently on this day, but My Love for human life is a Love in wanting to share All that is Important for the Soul of every human being, because the Soul is what will return to The Father, and My Words are to ask each human being to take care of this Soul. It is the Greatest Gift human life could ever receive, ever be responsible for, because It is to be returned in a Pure State because of The Father’s Pure Love for It since the moment He gave It to a human life. So be it.”

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