Thursday, August 10, 2006

Something for Fun

My "five senses favorites"...

To Taste: Ice-cold homemade fruit smoothie, Fresh-steamed asparagus, French bread with garlic butter, juicy, cold fresh fruit, spinach lasanga

To Hear: harp, violin, piano, a baby's cooing, a sacred chant choir, an orchestra, the wind rustling through a tall aspen tree

To Smell: Sacred Chrism oil on the forehead of a newly baptized or confirmed (rapture!), any fresh flower, baking bread, simmering applesauce, cinnamon

To See: Beautiful churches, a family together, a baby's tiny hands and toes, a field of flowers, a majestic mountain, a clear blue sky

To Feel: Rose petals, a baby in my arms, the breeze against my cheeks, gentle sunshine on my face, the hug of a child, sand under my bare feet, smooth satin between my fingers, God's Love!

What are your "five senses favorites"? Leave a comment and let us know!


veronica your sister said...

My "five senses favorites"...

To Taste: Grandma's Strawberry jam and pies, homemade ice-smoothie,

To Hear: Babies, Storms, Nature, beautiful music, the lovely name that my parents gave me

To Smell: roses, flowers, chrism oil, earth after a storm, the sweet smell of a baby after they nurse

To See: Tomatoes and beans and peppers sagging on their vines in our garden, babies, green, green grass, flowers, sunsets, sunrises, My family smiling, all of God's wonderful creation,

To Feel: A baby's soft skin and the feel of them in your arms, flowers (I love flowers), soft cloth against my cheek, my little birdie's soft feathers, my violin

Veronica your sister said...

I forgot to say,

I love to feel, cool, dewy grass, cold mud, or warm sand at the beach under my bare feet

Claire said...

Thanks, Veronica!

Oh my, how could I have forgotten pies (delight!), sunrises, and sunsets?

Malori said...

My "five senses favorites":

To Taste: chocolate, homemade ice cream, pineapple, strawberries

To Hear: thunder, a baby making noise, music, children laughing, pious voices humbly praying, my CCL family yelling "chya!" and "I say nay-nay!" :-)

To Smell: chocolate chip cookies baking, my dog after a bath, "Moonlight Path" body splash

To See: Precious babies, glorious mountains, the vast ocean, amazingly beautiful Catholic churches, joyful people, pictures of Jesus and the Saints

To Feel: Silky dresses, a baby in my arms, my furry dog, hugs from friends!

Daughter of God said...

My Five Senses Favorites...

To Taste: ice cream, Italian ice, homemade fruit smoothie, sorbet (can you tell it's summer? :), homemade chocolate zucchini cake, apple of your eye cheesecake, cookie dough truffles, and fruit pies, grilled sweet corn on the cob with butter and salt, lasagna, grilled steak or chicken, grilled zucchini and onions, a juicy grilled hamburger...

To Hear: a small child say my name, lovely (real) music, the wind rustling through the trees, a baby's laughter...

To Smell: roses, lilies, flowers, the earth right before or after it rains, anything baking in our kitchen, chrism oil, a baby when I kiss it's dear little head (or cheek, or hand)...

To See: a baby in my arms, a little one clutching my hand, a sunrise, a sunset, the ocean or a lake - those beautiful blue waves washing over the sand, my family, my mom and dad walking down the beach hand-in-hand, a work of art -especially my own - after long hours of work, the blue sky, JESUS in the Eucharist...

To Feel: the delight of eating something delicious, the beauty of hearing something glorious, the satisfaction of smelling something sweet, the speechlessness of seeing something delicate or spectacular, the relaxation of feeling cool sand beneath my feet...and above all:
To cradle a child within my arms or to hold their tiny little hand as they walk beside me, to caress their smooth skin, and to feel their trust in me.
To know that those I love are near and to know that they love me.
To hold the Savior within my heart...this makes it all worthwhile!