Thursday, April 20, 2006

Shopping Adventure

Last week I was out shopping -- an activity I'm not often doing, even though I'm always on the lookout for beautiful, feminine, veiling apparel. On this particular excursion, amidst the rows of purses, belts, sashes, handbags, and accessories, my eye fell upon what I shall call...ahem... a "U.F.O." Unidentified Funky Object. I first thought of naming it "Unidentified Feminine Object", but that was out since it was anything but truly feminine. Oh, it was glittery enough, covered in some type of sequins, but the question was "what is it?!". This "thing" could have been a skirt (heaven help us), a top (heaven help us more!)...or was it some kind of bag? And no assistance from the tag, either. You know how those little dangly things are supposed to helpfully tell you what you're looking at? Nope. Not here. Just a price: $12.79, or whatever it was. So apparently the identity of this UFO will remain a mystery.

But that was all right... I went and found a nice, crocheted, beaded, feminine, and very identifiable sash for several dollars less. And I have to say, no girl would be the worse if none of those UFOs left the rack.

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