Monday, August 28, 2006

Prudence is Calling

that I (sadly) take a hiatus this week from blogging. A host of meetings - one each day, in fact! - and numerous preparations for my Fall schedule will be demanding my time...especially because next week we leave on our real family vacation: camping in Michigan! And since I do have to leave a little time for sleep, the blog will have to rest for a bit.

It's unfortunate that this "time off" right now happens to be when I have about a dozen great posts in my head just waiting to be typed...but don't worry, I'll keep them there and you'll hear from me again on September 10th! Hopefully they'll just improve with age and be a little better seasoned when they do come to you. ;)

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Devin Mc said...

Claire, thank you for being such an example to all girls, and women. This morning I went to Miles Jesu in Phoenix, AZ for confession with my family. The priest who heard our confessions, I can't remember his name but it started it a 'D,' told me of you website and movement. He praised your movement highly. He was the chaplin at the Miles Jesu Ave Cor Mariae Summer Camp for Girls and Young Women in 2006. Sorry, that this was such a long comment, but I wanted to thank you for tackling such a important topic.