Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fireproof rocks the box office!

Pro-Marriage Film Fireproof Wins at the BoxOffice with Highest per Screen Opening Weekend of 2008

'Fireproof' succeeds in theaters and print

'Fireproof' surprise hit of the fall (currently the lead story on the CNN Entertainment page!)

And even more wonderful are some of the incredible testimonies from couples and individuals whose marriages and lives have been powerfully changed. These testimonies, along with other encouraging news and exciting updates (including new additional theater listings!) can be found at the Official Fireproof Blog.

If you haven't seen it yourself yet, don't wait! Last weekend my sisters and I, along with a few girlfriends, were thoroughly delighted and inspired by this quality film. Let's make sure it continues to run strong so that many, many more may be inspired!

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