Monday, October 06, 2008

Election Countdown/40 Days for Life: Day 13

I don't exactly consider myself a Sean Hannity fan, but this piece is worth the watch:

"Obama and Planned Parenthood"

The intention of today's Life Devotional is a beautiful one: for fathers who are terrified of being fathers. I couldn't help but shudder at the closing statements made by Obama in the above video clip, in which he thanked Planned Parenthood "for all the work that you are doing for women all across the country, for families all across the country, and for men who have enough sense to realize you are helping them."

How anyone can make such a statement is truly frightful. As the biggest member of the abortion industry, Planned Parenthood is one of the greatest causes of the dehumanizing of women, the destruction of families, and the cowardizing of men... all across the country.

And today, October 6, across this same country, people of goodwill mourn and remember our murdered, innocent brothers and sisters — all 49 million of them.

Kyrie eleison.

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