Monday, July 23, 2007

Home... and Faired Out :)

It's a term we use around here. There are only so many days one can take of a Fair, you know? Even if one is working almost the whole time. :)

Jesting aside, my sisters and I just came off of another great week of volunteering at the Fond du Lac County Fair Farm Bureau Women's Food Stand in Wisconsin with Grandma and Grandpa. Being there again, it almost felt like we'd never left! (I said the same thing at Ave Cor Mariae Camp this year, though...evidence of how speedily time goes by from one year to the next, I suppose). This experience for us at the Food Stand is one I hope to tell to my grandchildren about someday. Or maybe, take them back there to work, if it's still going! :) Despite the long days (6:30 in the morning till 8 or so at night), and the sometimes-sore feet, we look forward to this every year. It has something to do with the joy of service, the satisfaction of hard work, the sweetness of volunteering one's time and energy for a good cause, and of course, the pleasure of making others happy. Offering a smile while working the cash register or taking orders seems to evoke a "waking up" response from the person across from you... "Have a nice day" and "Enjoy your meal" take on new meaning when you say them several hundred times in a day! I would try to really mean that, too -- not just rattle it thoughtlessly. What a difference!

I could write tons more, but I really think the snapshots we took say it best...

Note: I just got a chuckle out of the fact that when glancing back at my last year's post after the fair, I also mentioned "hoping to tell my grandchildren" about this. What can I say? It will always be a dear memory!

Sarah, poised and ready to fill an order

"Scrambled eggs there, ma'am? No problem!"

Sarah takes orders, and I fill them

Me making pancakes...there were times we couldn't flip them fast enough!

Grease that pan well...

Pour them on...

A plate of the finished product!

A photo Veronica took while all of us stood at the top of Grandpa and Grandma's hill, praying the Chaplet and enjoying the blue sky and breeze (one of those where she extended her arm and took it!)

Veronica had fun taking photos of Sarah on top the hill... I thought this one was neat

In between working, we did get a few breaks to stretch our legs and walk around the Fair. :) And we bought these pretty cotton/wool blend homemade capes made by a family from's a view of the cranberry-colored one

Grandpa and Grandma, at 87 and 80 years old!
More to come...


Linda Muse said...

Enjoyed the pictures. I especially liked the one of the Ecuadorian poncho. I live in Ecuador and it makes me feel good to see people wearing a bit of the culture here.

Laura and Mary said...

Dear Claire,
Nice pictures! You're always on the run;-)

Wishing you a happy day from NY.

Your friends,
Laura and Mary

Claire said...

Linda: I'm glad you enjoyed them. It's quite neat (and flattering) to know I have a reader in Ecuador! ;) My sister and I are learning Spanish, and take every opportunity to use what we know, so conversing with the seller-family in Spanish was another plus of our purchase... :)

Laura and Mary: Hi!! What a nice treat to hear from our Eastern travelers! We got your letters in the mail, and enjoyed them very much. I thought the Canadian stamps were especially neat. It sounds like you ladies are having a delightful time. I look forward to hearing all about it when I see you next! And thanks for your well wishes and prayers for Suzuki Camp. That means a lot!