Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fair Snapshots, Part 2

Women's Farm Bureau Stand: the only place at the Fair (I think) that you can get fresh-baked pie!

Me busy at the register (one of my near-full-time jobs)

A braid I did on Mrs. S, which she christened "The Sarah". :) I've taken to carrying my hair supplies with me wherever I go, since there's almost always an opportunity to make a young or near-young lady happy. ;)

Another view

She's real, all right... we think :)

Veronica making a cone... making them was her favorite part, and she kept telling the rest of us that we "needed some ice cream" (made by her, of course)

Adding chocolate

No one leaves the stand thirsty if we can help it!

Sarah and Mrs. S diving into some pie

Mrs. S's son, a "sleeping pink turtle" across some chairs in the dining room at 7 in the morning :o)


Sister in Christ said...

How do you do the braids... I would love to learn but I can never find anyone who knows how.

Claire said...

Dear Sister in Christ,

Your question has prompted me to do a post on hair braiding. :) It will be up shortly, with some helpful links... hopefully they will be of assistance to you!


sister in christ said...

Thank you so much! I hope others with find it as interesting as I do.