Monday, July 16, 2007

Elections '08

I've really been praying and thinking about what my role (aside from prayer, of course) is in preparing for the 2008 Elections. I notice that too often, people of Faith are just so busy in their various good and charitable works, or raising their families -- or perhaps they figure politics are simply too corrupt to bother with -- that they just don't do anything; don't try to be a voice. I want to bristle with righteous indignation sometimes when I hear good, pro-life folks say things like "Well, so-and-so is a good candidate, but we've got to support someone with a chance of winning." I always feel like looking them in the eye and quoting "Oh you of little faith!". (Haven't said it that bluntly yet, but one of these days I might). We have to learn to expect miracles. And then help make them happen. Just think: if every person who sighed and exclaimed, "Ah, too bad that pro-life candidate doesn't stand a chance to win" and put their vote somewhere else instead stood up, voted for the "unlikely" candidate and got at least a few others to do the same, that "unlikely" candidate would stand a much better chance!

I've been disappointed in the number of blank looks I received when I mention Senator Brownback to friends and acquaintances. He has a vision for ending abortion. He has a track record of fighting for innocent human life. He's supportive of homeschooling. He has a heart for the needy -- check out this video of him with his two adopted children!

Today, my challenge for myself and each of you is this: what will you do to help this election be a pro-life victory?


Cecilia Rose said...

What a wonderful, encouraging video! I would love to adopt someday.

I haven't exactly gotten that blank look, but I've been told that Brownback doesn't have a chance. I know that he doesn't have as much money as other candidates, and that he's been called "boring" in a review about a Republican debate. But I'll continue to fight for him, because I believe he's the best candidate and I'm not lowering my standards. And that's so true: if every pro-lifer cast one vote for him, he WOULD have a chance!! I think our world today doesn't believe in everyday miracles anymore. It seems that people think that's a thing of the past. But miracles happen every day! (like when a baby's life is saved from abortion!).
Aside from leading the Johns Hopkins/Peabody pro-life group, I'd really like to get involved with the College Republicans and somehow represent Brownback, and also to be a link between pro-lifing and politics.
It bothers me too when good, faithful people don't take a firm stand on politics. Believers need to be the ones taking action: we will never have Christian values re-instituted if Christian don't fight for them!! I think, in the spirit of John Paul the Great, our generation, the young people of today, are the ones who can help make a huge difference.

Cecilia Rose said...

Your post inspired me to write one about Brownback: