Saturday, July 28, 2007

Face of Christ

Tonight, I spent some time at a nearby nursing home, visiting some dear souls there. One of them whom we've come to know is probably one of, if not the youngest, resident there. A lady who can't be 55, but who is near helpless. I forget the name of the disease that has taken almost all her self-sufficiency away from her and made her near-blind, but hers is a name I will never forget. It's Judy.

Here is a soul that is useless by the world's standards, but a treasure by Christ's. Judy is one bundle of sweetness. Her room is more photos and religious artwork than walls, with a little sign that reads "Judy's Place". I couldn't help but think tonight... that's exactly what it is. The extent of her world is there. And there she lay, smiling and exclaiming and congratulating as I told her of my recent projects, news, and accomplishments. Here is a suffering soul who looked up at me and told me that I inspire her. Tears came into my eyes as I told her, "But Judy... you inspire me." Pure joy was in her voice as she told me about the nurse's boyfriend who asked her for a rosary. And she pointed my gaze toward her newest beautiful picture of the Sacred Heart, hung opposite her bed. "He's been so good to me," she said simply.

If only each of us would exclaim the same...regardless of our own relatively miniscule difficulties. Tonight, as I looked into the face of a soul that gazes longingly towards the next life, yet continues to suffer patiently in this, and heard her say she wished she could do more for others, I could only whisper quietly... "Judy, only in heaven will we know how much you did do."

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