Friday, March 05, 2010


I am one blessed gal. Between my loving family and abundant, kind friends, I was simply showered with joys on my birthday! And it's the little, thoughtful things (that aren't little to me). Dad and David singing Happy Birthday while waking me. The lovely pashmina from my mom. A surprise homemade skirt by Veronica (I'm wearing both here). Birthday kisses and a coupon good for 22 back rubs from David. So many birthday greetings on Facebook, I lost count. Six red roses from one of the catchesists in my RE Program. Tulips from my goddaughter. Sweet posts by friends and sisters. A swivel seat for my troubled back, wrapped so beautifully and dropped on my porch by friends. Heartwarming homemade cards by little ones. Phone calls and "singing telegrams". E-cards. Cards in the mail. The university choir serenading me at practice...

I thank our Lord, and I thank you... (Phil 1:3).

Please keep me in your prayers this weekend as I speak at the "Embracing Your Call to Holiness" Women's Conference for the Diocese of LaCrosse, WI!

P.S. Many thanks to everyone who responded to this post. Not all quotes fit into the print booklet, but it will be great to have a testimonies section of the website when I expand it! Keep responding!

P.P.S. Sorry that I slipped posting on Days 6-9 of the Novena for Priests. Let's not cease interceding for them every day. Consider a perpetual novena for the rest of the Year for Priests.

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