Sunday, September 14, 2008

Symbols and Realities of Faith

Today is the Feast of the Exhaltation of the Holy Cross. This morning at Mass, Father stated during his homily that "the cross is the greatest symbol of our Faith". He went on to add, "The reason that the Eucharist is not the greatest symbol of our Faith is because it is not a symbol: it is a reality."

I thought it was a point worth repeating!

(For my non-Catholic readers: We believe that the Eucharist is a reality, not a symbol, because we take Jesus Christ at his word in John 6:48-58 and Luke 22:19-20. For more biblical explanation of the Eucharist, visit the Catholic Answers article here.)

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Anonymous said...

Just a quick Hello from NCC!!

Your Mom told us about you and Sarah attending USF this fall - good luck!

Last Friday, we probably missed you by a few minutes when we picked up our music.


See you soon!