Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Election Countdown/40 Days for Life: Day 7

"Thoughts on Obama"
(Guest post by Veronica)

What is all the excitement about Barack Obama? What causes people to be so attracted to him? Obama calls for “change” and people are constantly hopping onto his change wagon. But what motivates this “change current”? Obama gives people a euphoria with his fancy words, smooth appearance, and passion-summoning ads, “Change” rallies, exciting words, and plastered smiles. It is an emotionally-charged approach to saying “Vote for me!”, and it is enticing people because emotional infatuation is a rather driving force these days. But do the majority of Obama's fans really know what kind of change they are rooting for? How do we know it isn’t just a cookie-cutter, fake approach to infatuate people? (If so, it has succeeded). Or even worse, is it the kind of change that will send our country on a downward spiral? Have we ever given it a thought that maybe Obama is not much more than fancy words and smooth appearance? That he can’t give our country much more than just a euphoria of passion? Consider it.


Gregory Cantor said...

I think you are perfectly right about Obama. However, I humbly suggest there are serious problems with McCain, so as to justify abstention this year. Jeff Culbreath, a wise man and devout catholic, discusses the "McCain/Palin Problem" very well. I urge you to visit his blog:


Yours in Christ,


the lovely harpist said...

Hello Veronica!

Is this why you were talking about Obama at Orchestra?

Great post!

See you at the movie.

Get Well Soon, Sarah!!!!!!!!!